Questions involving Maude

  1. The theme, I’m not sure of the exact or correct name but it goes something like. Isadora was the first bra burner ain’t you glad she showed up. Who is Isadora? (or whatever her name was)

  2. Maude always had a scarf around her neck. Why did Bea Arthur have a scar or something them. She didn’t wear one when she played Dorothy on the Golden Girls.

So, what’s the question?

Sorry didn’t finish the question is, Who is Isadora?

Also why did Maude always wear a scarf?

Isadora Duncan, a reasonably famous dancer and free spirit in the 1920s. As for the scarf, I seem to recall that Bea Arthur was self-conscious about her neck and the scarf was a good way to cover it up, along with being a distinctive look for Maude. By the time Golden Girls came around, Ms. arthur had undergone a facelift (remember when Maude got a face lift?) and, I suppose, had her neck tightened up, as well.

Ironically, I think Isadora Duncan was accidently killed by being srangled with her own very long scarf when it was caught in a car door. Or was that someone else?

Yes, Isadora Duncan died when her extremely long scarf got got in the wheels of her automobile (this being the days when autos had wheels with spokes).

Isadora’s last words, as she and her friend left the party–“Farewell, my friends, I go to glory!” I knew it was something like that, but I had to cheat and look it up.
–Alan Q

I might be making this up, but I thought I heard at one time that Ms. Arthur’s scarves, chokers and high-necked clothing concealed a tracheotomy scar. (This might have stuck in my brain because my brother has a trache scar). Plastic surgery can help to make the scar less visible; maybe Bea decided to try that when neck scarves went out of fashion.