Questions On Legal Protesting

Ok, I need help. I would like to get a head start on protesting a certain event (if you know what it is, I don’t want to argue about it anymore).

I need to know these things:

If I were to start a petition, what would it need? It seems that if I just write on a piece of paper, “we don’t think you should do this” and had a lot of people sign it, that wouldn’t mean very much. Do the people who sign it need to be registered voters? Do they even need to be legal adults? Do they need to live in the same voting district as the even which I am protesting?
What should the petition state? Does it need to be adressed to any particular person?
Is there anything that I am forgetting? There simply isn’t a sample petition in my English book next to the resume and the business letter. :slight_smile:

If my petition were to be ignored, could I stage some kind of actual protest? I always see on tv or hear stories of protesters being thrown in jail. What did they do that was illegal? Do I need some kind of permit? Supposing all I did was sit in front of the building with some friends and tell people that we were protesting? Do I need to be a certain number of feet away from the building?

Is there anything you can think of that could go in between petition and sit-in? I really do not want to go to the ACLU with this, due to the problems it would cause my family and especially my cohort in this (her dad was a minister; he’d kill her!)

Thank you for your help.


It’s frightening how many crazies think that world is going to end in a few days. All of us smart people know that it’s not ending until next year.

Here is a link with lots of info and other links.

And they would know you went to the ACLU how?

Anyone can do a petition. Anyone can sign it unless it’s a legal petition.

It should be sent to the highest management person of the event.

We did a protest lately instead of a petition, we gathered people outside the event with signs. Made the news, which is better than a petition.

Even better than just sending a petition to the boss of the offending entity is to publish it and a list of the signatories in a forum where that entity’s clients (customers, contractees, whatever) are likely to see it.

Feline, I meant that I don’t want to ask the ACLU to file a suit.

I missed something.

I don’t know what it is.

Just curious now since you mentioned it…promise not to argue.

You can e-mail me if you don’t want to bring it up on the board.