Questions on the Stein recounts

I know it is probably state law that any candidate …
But why is she allowed to file for recounts at all in any state? Isn’t there a presumption that the candidate actually has to have a chance of winning i.e. the number of votes needed for a plurality is within some error?

Also is this a ploy to change the election to Clinton without Hillary getting her hands dirty?

Why should their be such a presumption? Votes are counted - indeed, elections aren’t held - for the benefit of the candidates; elections are held and votes are counted for the benefit of the republic. Any citizen has the same interest as any other citizen in seeing that this is done properly, surely?

It is almost assuredly not a secret Clinton plan that Stein is carrying out. First of all, it’s hopeless - Hillary wouldn’t waste her time. Second, Stein hasn’t shown any love for Hillary so it would be rather deep cover double agent shit. Hard to buy.

Many states make it easier for close losing candidates to ask for a recount but most (if not all) allow some kind of path for regular citizens to call for one.

I assumed that it was a fundraising tactic by Stein.

More likely a publicity stunt that they don’t want to pay for out of their own pocket.

Jill Stein was interviewed by Whoopi and the ladies on “The View” on Wednesday 11/30/16.

She initiated the recall due to irregularities, red flags, I believe she said.

Similar to that which was reflected in a previous post from UDS.

Every citizen(of voting age, should have that interest)has that right.

It still seems rather odd that Trump isn’t throwing his support into raising the money for a massive investigation and recount, seeing as he laments and decries his own suffering of millions of fraudulent votes. Outside of the fact that he is a lying sack o’ shit. I mean, there’s that.

That’s where the money part comes in. Several states have provisions that if the election is sufficiently close, usually within 0.5%, then there is an automatic recount on the state’s dime to ensure accurate results. Any greater variation than that, then any tabulation errors would be harmless.

However, if the losing candidate by a larger margin wants to pay out of pocket for a recount, the state will oblige. No cost to the taxpayer, and if they candidate truly believes there was a problem AND they are paying, well, we will do it.