Questions Only thread

Wasn’t Prohibition itself a joke?

So what was the punch line?

You do remember that they couldn’t really have punch then, right?

Couldn’t they have had Hawaiian Punch?

Am I the only one who just looked around nervously, half-expecting a giant red pitcher to come crashing through the wall with a hearty “Oh, yeah”?

Would that be a Cincinnati Reds pitcher?

Since I remember Pete Rose appearing in a Kool-Aid ad, I guess it could’ve been, couldn’t it?

Was Rose a pitcher?

Does pitching Kool-Aid count?

How about pitching woo?

Would that be of the healing crystal and homeopathy kind?

Is there another kind?

If there is, would you tell us, please?

How many definitions of the word to you want?

How many ya got?

Do you want a specific number?

That reminds me, what is the etymology of “ballpark figure”?

Could it be from commentators estimating the number of people in the stands?

Could it come from the expression “in the ballpark,” meaning in the vicinity of the exact answer?

Is baseball the only game that packs 15 minutes of action into three hours?