Questions Only thread

Doesn’t it really piss you off that the earlier iteration of this thread was shut down for having over 10k posts?

How does this game work?

How long do I have to scroll on the new board if there are 10,000 posts in a topic.

A really long time, I’m guessing?

Wanna take one for the team and find out?

Why do I have the feeling we all will be before too long?

Anybody else glad that somebody started a new Questions Only thread?

Anybody else wish someone would start an Answers Only thread?

Wouldn’t that get old and boring pretty quickly?

Maybe. Wanna see if that happens?

Can I express my thanks to Panache for starting the Answers Only thread?

Can I, too? And can you believe I already posted there?

Can this thread get any more meta?

Could people bear with yet another metamorphosis?

If people became bears, would that be an example of metamorphosis?

Aren’t Finn and Jake the best people to answer this question?

Finn Hudson from “Glee”? Jake Blues from “The Blues Brothers”? You mean those guys, right?

Does everybody need somebody to love?

Didn’t Queen sing something about that?

Who said art is the reproduction of reality?