Questions Regarding Professional Manicures

I like to get my nails done sometimes, especially if I am job hunting or otherwise need to look especially nice. It’s always my real nails- I will not get fake nails, like acrylic or whatever. It icks me out to think of all the bacteria, molds, and fungus that can get under there between the real and the fake… ew. I like a French manicure, cut square, with pink.

However, it doesn’t last nearly long enough for what I’ve been paying. $25 (including tip) for it, and it starts chipping and peeling the next day? I don’t even have my hands in water that much- normal hand washing and showering, and I wear gloves if I’m washing dishes, etc. This isn’t acceptable- it should last longer!

Last week when I got a manicure, the girl offered, for $3 extra, to put “gel” on top, and she said it would make them last longer. It didn’t- it started peeling one or two days later, but looked even worse than a top coat peeling, because it had a dark outline to it, so it peeling looks like crap.

I know they advise you to put on a clear top coat every day to help maintain your manicure, but even that doesn’t seem to help much.

My question is- are there any manicure techniques that last longer, that don’t involve fake nails? What’s the deal with the new gel nails? Anybody?

Sorry if this is in the wrong forum.

I get my fingers and toes done every week.

Make sure all the cuticle oil and lotion is off your nails before they start with the base coat. Let the clear base coat dry before they put on any polish. It will take 60 seconds under a fan. Dry one hand while she does the other. Then use a good quality polish like OPI. 2 coats. Let them dry in between. The clear top coat goes on top of that, and should be done over and under your nail, like an edge.

Dry your nails at the salon for 1/2 hour, and be very careful for the next 24 hours. When you wash your hands for the next 24 hours, don’t get your nails wet. Use a nylon scrubbie on a handle to take a shower. Don’t hit anything with your fingertips, use the flat part of your finger. You get used to it once you become conscious of it.