Questions to mess with telemarketers

The DJ just mentioned that asking a telemarketer any question in their spiel would throw them off.

So I wonder what question I could ask?

What color are your panties? (Really good for female to female calls)

Have you accepted Cthulu as your savior?

Know a good solution for tasmanian devil(scorpion, bobcat) infestations?

What do y’all think?

“I’m not interested, goodbye.” (hang up)
My time is too valuable to me to have my it wasted by telemarketers OR to mess with them.

you: Can I have your home phone number?
them: No.
you: Why not?
them: Because I don’t want anybody calling me that I don’t know (or I don’t want strangers having my number).
you: Me neither - ‘click’.

ask them if they’ve found jesus?

A local photography studio use to call on a regular basis. I started making appointments with them, blocking out as much time on the appointment calendar that I could. Of course, no one ever showed up for the appointments. Took about 10 times before they quit calling. Another favorite is “the sounds of sex in the backround” trick. Lots of moaning and groaning while attempting to talk to the caller. I also have a phone that I can place callers on hold. For backround music, I used “They’re coming to take me away HaHa”. Almost all hang up before the song ends.

LOL! I am going to do this next time one calls. With my luck they will probably say yes :rolleyes:

“Where do babies come from?”

I love Philster’s:D

Yes, but then you can ask them “Which Jesus?”
hee hee

I used to just try to get them off their script.

"Hi, I’m from Annoying Telemarketers and we – "
“Where are you calling from?”
“What city are you calling from?”
“Uh, . . . Buffalo.”
“How’s the weather there?”
"Uh . . . well, it’s sunny. Now about – "
“You know, I’m planning to visit there next month. Could you recommend a good restaurant?”

They get very flustered by that approach.

Of course, the best approach is to just say, “Please put me on your do-not-call list.” Since I started that (and signed up for the New York State do-not-call registry), the number of telemarketers has been negligible.

Philster’s approach works well. I’ve actually used it.

The question about home phone number throws them off guard, then you explain that you’d love to talk about the product they’re selling, but you want to do it at a time that is likely to be inconvenient to them. And you do it in a nice, happy, cheerful, I’m-so-excited-that-you-called voice.

Using this approach, I’ve had them occasionally hang up on me.

If you like this stuff, you should check out Tom Mabe’s two albums:

Revenge on Telemarketers, Round One


Revenge on Telemarketers, Round Two

Zev Steinhardt

I ask them to go back and re-read the last paragraph, but more slowly, because they went too fast and I’m taking notes.

I commonly ask them to repeat themselves a few times until I give them the "I am not interested thank you for calling have a nice day goodbye.