Quick Acronis 11 question

Just a quick question (I think). I need to back up my laptop now. I want to run an incremental back-up to the full backup file I made last June. But I only want “my data”. So I choose “my data” as the type of backup, select only the documents and settings folder, and I choose the file from June as the location. Then I get the message “You have selected existing archive that contains backed up disks or partitions instead of files and folders. Do you want to overwrite the archive file?”

Do I? I don’t want anything to be deleted. I just want to add new stuff. What happens if I “overwrite the archive file”?

You can’t mix an image-based backup with a file-based backup. If you select overwrite you’ll have a full backup of just your data. Either do an incremental for the existing full (entire disk) or create a new file-based full for just your data and do future incrementals for that.