What are the most important folders/files to backup?

I had a recent computer crash, and I’m trying to backup my computer as best I can in as many places as I can.

I know which folders I use (like where I store important documents, pictures, etc.), but I’m wondering what folders or files it would behoove me to backup otherwise. I’m talking about drivers, settings (I personalize everything), etc.

I’m using Vista Home Premium if that helps…

Drive space is cheap. Just do a full backup and subsequent incrementals. Otherwise you’ll always find that you forgot something. When you’ve got a full backup you can just search for it.

Generally your Documents and Settings directory, but there are numerous other places that useful files could be. We have no way of knowing where you store your stuff.

I agree with Scarlett67. I’d get something like Acronis TrueImage and do a full backup. Then if/when disaster strikes, you can restore everything to a new hard drive and you won’t lose a single file or setting.

Actually, reading Microsoft’s documentation, Vista Home Premium’s Backup and Restore Center includes an automatic backup option that should do exactly what you want. The option to backup a complete image automatically is unfortunately only available in Business and Ultimate editions, but the default Home Premium option should be more than adequate for what you need.