Quick Adobe Photoshop Background Colour Q

I have Adobe PhotoShop 7.0 but haven’t tried to use it until today. The only colour it “gives” me as a background (or anything else) is a bright fuschia. How can I get a normal colour range?

In the tool window (skinny, narrow pane), in the section with the foreground and background color boxes (5th section down), there’s a mini black and white box icon in the lower left corner. Click on this icon and it will reset the foreground and background colors to the default (white and black).

Thanks - I gave that a whirl, but …

It seems that I have to reinstall PhotoShop - the only colour option ANYWHERE is fuschia (and various shades).

This is the first time I have tried it since a friend installed this newer version. :frowning:

This is odd. Are you sure you’re hitting the right icon? There’s two sets of boxes in that corner. One is a big foreground/background box, and the other is a smaller foreground/background box to the lower left of it (at least that’s how it’s arranged on Photoshop CS2). Clicking the smaller icon should revert to black and white defaults. It should not give you a color option.

However, let’s just say you clicked on the color picker. You should only see shades of fuschia if you clicked on the fuschia box. [url=“http://www.macreviewzone.com/archive/hardcider/guestreviews/Part3_OtherWebFeatures/images/Photoshop5ColorPicker.jpg”]Here’s an old Photoshop color picker.[/ulr] Is this what you’re seeing? If so, see the slider with the rainbow of colors to the right of the big box of shades of red? If you slide that up and down you will get different colors & their corresponding shades.

Sorry if that’s painfully obvious, but we need to eliminate all possible problems. I have never heard of Photoshop exhibiting the behavior your describe.

Here’s an old Photoshop color picker.

Sorry for the ill-coded link. Also, in that picker, are you able to type in different values for R, G, and B (or any other fields) and get different colors? When you open other graphics files do they look okay (i.e. in full color)? If so are you able to use the eyedropper tool (press ‘i’)? Take the eyedropper tool, hover it over a non-fuschia area of the photo, and click. Does your foreground color change to the color you just selected, or does it remain fuschia?

pulykamell - thanks … in my Color Picker “box” I only see shades of fuschia. The slider beside it only shows me shades of fuschia.

If I change the R, G, B values, I just get slightly different shades of fuschia.

Anything I open is in shades of fuschia. For example, I opened a picture of my daughter. It is all in pink. If I save that image to my photobucket account (which I tried to do in order to illustrate this problem), it appears normal.

I’ve tried to take a print-screen of my PhotoShop screen, but with no luck.

When I open an image, I get the following pop-up - “The RGB document “xyz.jpg” has a file format that does not support embedded color profiles. How do you want to proceed?” The options are: Leave as is; Assign Working RGB SIEC61966-2.1; Assign Profile (and there a bunch of options); and then a toggle box to select or deselect “and then convert document to working RGB.”

No matter which combination of options I choose, the only colour option in the entire program seems to be fuschia.

Wow. I don’t know what to tell you. That’s really effing weird.

I suspect trouble with your video card. I’d make sure you have the latest drivers installed, and that you’re set to either 24 bit or 32 bit color. I’ve seen wonky behavior from 24 bit cards set to 32 bits, so I’d test that out, as well. But yeah, that’s really effing weird. Good luck.

Try the solutions on this page.


ACK!!! Good news - I no longer have pink. Bad news - now I just have shades of grey.


I take it back - it DID work - thanks pulykamell - you are my new hero!