Quick and easy driving question

Tomorrow I’m driving from Pittsburgh to Chicago on the turnpike (I80). To get into Chicago, I want to take the Skyway, since it’s about 30 times faster than the other route (I’m going to the north side).

Trouble is, the signs in Portage always confuse the hell outta me. People who’ve done this recently: to get to the Skyway, do I take the exit (up and right, iirc), or stay straight ahead?

I trust MapQuest and similar apps about as far as I can throw them.


The Turnpike picks up I-90 a bit west of Cleveland, OH. From that point on, simply follow I-90, regardless.

(The Turnpikes are both I-80 and I-90 across most of Indiana, but I-80 exits the Turnpike in far Western Indiana, then becomes an Illinois Toll Road (the Tri-State?) again at the border.)

Meanwhile, your road, the Indiana Turnpike, continues on to the Illinois border as I-90 where it becomes the Chicago Skyway (still toll).

As long as you don’t take any exits off the Indiana Turnpike, and continue to follow I-90, you should not have any problems. When it ends, you are on the Skyway.

I don’t recall the exact layout where I-80 exits (at Lake Point or Lake Station?), but I’m pretty sure that it is a genuine exit, not a fork in the road.

This photograph shows the interchange.

At the far right, I-94 angles down from Michigan. Just below it, The Turnpike, carrying I-80 and I-90 angles up. The two roads cross just inside the picture, with the Turnpike going under I-94.

About a third of the way across the picture from the right, I-80 exits the Turnpike and takes a connector road to join I-94.

I-90 continues on with no interruption.