Quick and easy question about Continuum, the TV show

My wife and I have watched a handful of episodes of this show so far, but my wife has an issue with it, and I need to know if and when it gets resolved - hopefully without any more spoilage than necessary.

She finds it very difficult to deal with seeing the mother being separated from her child indefinitely (in the show, the mom is a cop who gets sent back in time, and her child is left alone in the future). If it’s going to be a constant, open-ended type thing - kind of like Sam getting home in Quantum Leap - she doesn’t want to watch it.

So my question is this: does the mom get reunited with her son? If so, when?


I’ve been watching the show, but it’s one that I usually watch while doing something else. Take what I say with a grain of salt because I may have missed something important.

I pretty much forgot that Kiera had a kid to go back to. I don’t think the show mentions him much, except maybe in moments of wistfulness or regret here and there. There has been no major reunion depicted as of yet.

In general, I really can’t recommend this show to a new viewer. It just doesn’t grab me, and I’m mostly just watching out of inertia now. If you really love it after watching a few episodes, then it might be well worth watching for you, but I wouldn’t start getting into it hoping that it will get better or that there will be any big payoffs on the horizon.

Well, the kid isn’t left all alone. His dad is with him in the future, right?

They brought up the “missing her kid” thing a little more explicitly earlier on, but she still has a strong desire to “get back”. No reunion as yet. And as it’s a time travel show, the idea that her family no longer exists because of mucking with the timeline is also in play.

While it’s a character motivation, fighting the liber8 terrorists is really the main thrust of the show. So it’s not really like Quantum Leaps random stories + wanna get home deal. IMHO

Yeah, I think the last few shows of the last season pretty much jumped the shark. (Especially the season finale).
I mean, this show went from a solid sci-fi detective story to being an over the top, what-the-fuck-is-going-on-now, Twilight Zone Series. I get the distinct impression the writers for this show have lost their direction and have no idea where to go with it.

I guess it’s to be expected in a show chock full of paradoxes.

I feel the same way. I was hating the show at the end of the last season. This season’s improved slightly, but I’m still not loving it like I was Season 1. I think introducing the Freelancers was a big mistake.

I haven’t read any of the responses because I’m just starting the series myself, so this may have been mentioned already. But to the OP, I would point out that the child wasn’t left alone. He’s with his father.

I’m guessing that would take place in the series finale, after which the timelines would be fixed, and everyday life would go on as if nothing happened.

Would your wife be satisfied knowing that one day the reunion is going to take place? Because it will. I mean, this just isn’t the kind of show that’s going to go for that kind of darkness. But, as Knowed Out has already predicted, it’s not going to take place until the series finale. And I would imagine that, between then and now, the little booger will have been wiped from existence at least one time thanks to all of the wacky meddling in the timelines. Maybe twice.

What’s his face’s grandmother got killed and he’s still alive. I guess when you time travel you become immune from the effects of changing the time-line.

I recently got around to finishing up this series, and I couldn’t help but think back to this thread. I thought that the ending was more interesting than I expected it to be, but I can’t say for sure whether or not your wife would have particularly enjoyed it. Did you end up sticking with it?

I was rather satisfied with the ending. It ended in a fashion that I’d already thought of for the movie “Timecop”.

I did end up watching it to the end, but it mostly lost me somewhere during the third season with the time travel nonsense. It started feeling like they’d lost track of their own storyline, and I get bored with that sort of wheel-spinning. By the time the end rolled around, my interest was pretty low. I guess she did get back to her family in the end, sort of?

Yeah, sadly the time travel “nonsense” is what got me interested, but I knew that others wouldn’t like it and figured it would get canceled. It did, and the quickness in which they wrapped it up was sad, but as least they didn’t leave it hanging.

the time travel stuff did get (more than) a little confusing once it stopped just being FutureCop and the Liber8ors. (Hey, band name.)

Yes, I think that “sort of” is a pretty accurate way of putting it.

At the end of the finale, Kiera is transported to the future, which thanks to her machinations is more or less utopian. She is ushered to a park, where she sees her son playing. As she prepares to reunite with him, Old Alec holds her back … whereupon we discover that this timeline already has a Kiera who is the boy’s mother. The Kiera we have been following for four seasons will have to be content with knowing that he’s still alive.

It started off with a really interesting conflict: the “terrorists” that were actually working to prevent a horrible future outcome, and a “good guy” who was blindly working to support that society. There was the potential there to explore some really interesting ideas. But they very quickly abandoned that and got caught up in the usual nonsense of plot twists and backstabbing and love triangles and all the other Hollywood Thriller 101 stuff.

Smeghead pretty much has it nailed. You have the “bad” terrorists working for a better system and the good cop invested in preserving a bad one. You were never quite sure who to root for.

I don’t know why you think you needed to put “terrorists” in quotes, they certainly were terrorists by any reasonable definition of the term. Just because they think they’re trying to make the world better doesn’t change that. I’d wager most terrorists hold the same delusion.