Quick! Can I get a full breakfast fry-up at Heathrow?

Greetings, Dopers!

Next Saturday I’m flying over to the old continent and will make a BRIEF stopover at Heathrow (unfortunately not long enough to hit the city). I was wondering about the food courts there: does anyone serve a Fry Up, aka a full breakfast? You know, spam, eggs, sausage, spam, beans, white and black pudding spam spam spam?

There are several cafes, but I don’t remember any of them serving a full English breakfast. YMMV depending on terminal.

IIRC there are about a dozen JD Wetherspoon chains within Heathrow, so while it might not be particularly great, you definitely should be able to get your breakfast for cheap.

Bonus, if I further recall, all pubs in that chain (at least in London?) have free WiFi.

'scuse me, I’m off to wish I back in London…

This link might do the trick. A small amount of research led me to believe that Garfunkel’s or Wetherspoons might be your best bet, but apparently many others, including Brasserie Chez Gerrard, have one, albeit under various names, such as L’Anglais, in the latter case.

Indeed you can. The regular cafe has a reasonable fry up (with black pudding).

The Wetherspoons in departures does the least-bad fryup of the lot I used to find.

Be warned, you’re unlikely to get a “good” fry up anywhere in the airport - local delicacies may change the world over, but airport food is still airport food.

Unless you eat here. :slight_smile:

Although it costs £16.50 and is lacking black pudding, and you need to be airside in terminal 5.

If Heathrow is like American airports, there will be some fast-food counter offering to sell you all of the above, slathered with Chipotle Chutney and rolled into a sun-dried tomato wrap.

There are Geronimo Inns in Terminals 1, 3, and 5.

When I was at Terminal 1 early on Sunday morning, a depressed looking Japanese man was sat at the next table gloomily picking at a ‘Breakfast Sandwich’ which consisted of white bread and a chunk of ‘artisan’ (aka gussied up supermarket) ham.

Maybe their full breakfasts are better.