Quick! How do I substitute lime juice for limeade? Margarita-making help sought [edited title]

We’re making margaritas and my husband’s (fantastic) recipe uses frozen limeade. We were unable to find any at either of the close grocery stores, so he got lime juice. We’re trying to adapt the recipe into something drinkable… help!
Here is the original recipe… so we’re trying to go from this (frozen) recipe to an on-the-rocks recipe with lime juice:

* 6 oz frozen limeade concentrate 
* 6 oz tequila
* 3 oz triple sec
* 2 oz amaretto (this is the special ingredient that makes these so good!)
* ice


Add all ingredients to a blender. Add enough ice to fill blender ¾ full or so.

Blend until it is a smooth consistency, adding more ice a cube at a time.

Margaritas are done when all the ice chunks are gone and the center of the mixture begins to suck down in a funnel in the center.

limeade is make from lime juice, sugar, and water, so all you have to do is make some limeade from your lime juice and you’re set. Google turns up lots of recipes. I think the usual recipe for margarita’s just uses lime juice anyway, though.

On edit: I forgot you wanted limeade concentrate, not limeade. I think you would get that from leaving the water out of the limeade recipe, but then you would probably have trouble getting the sugar to dissolve.

We’re thinking maybe simple syrup and lime juice… ?

I’d guess that a roughly 1 oz lime juice to 3/4 oz sugar or sugar syrup ratio is what you’re looking for, since that’s the ratio for homemade lemon/limeade, and you’re not diluting your frozen limeade, so I’d do something like this as a start for one drink, and adjust until you hit the recipe for the larger batch and scale up from there:

2 oz tequila
1 oz triple sec
1 oz lime juice
3/4 oz sugar/simple syrup
1/2 oz amaretto

Shake well with crushed ice, and strain into glass. Coat rim with salt & garnish with lime wedge.

Thanks, we’ll give it a try on Take Two: the Tomorrowing

It worked! We ended up still making them frozen, but using the 4:3 ratio of lime juice to simple syrup. They don’t taste exactly the same, but they’re still really good.

So anyone else have a favorite margarita recipe to share? (Something you’ve tried and liked–not just something you Googled 30 seconds ago)

I used to be the queen of margaritas, but lately I think I’ve lost my mojo. (The one I made earlier this year wasn’t great. Maybe my limes were old. Or maybe I had too much tequila.) Anyway, the usual recipe is something like this:

1 1/2 oz tequila - I use Sauza Hornitos
~1 oz Cointreau - you can sub Grand Marnier, but I like Cointreau better
~1 oz Triple Sec
juice of 1/2 lime - juice the lime in a juicer like this, the lime goes in upside down
simple syrup, if needed
salt on rim, if you’ve the time and feel fancy. I usually don’t.

Combine the top four ingredients, shake or stir. I use both Cointreau and Triple Sec because I find that combination gives me the best citrus + sweetness note without being too sweet or overpowering. Really, it’s grand. Taste, and add some simple syrup if needed to sweeten. I usually don’t, because of the previous combination mentioned and because I’m getting to where I prefer not-so-sweet drinks. Pour into your glass over ice. (My margs are always rocks, no blending.)

Yum. Reminds me that I need to get some more Cointreau.

I’ll try that recipe, Snickers! thanks! (and I never do salt–I always ask for no salt at restaurants/bars, too)

My aunt has a great recipe for pomegranete margaritas, if I can get her to part with the recipe…

In my household, we use a frozen limeade-based recipe very similar to the one in the OP (though always on the rocks… so no blending, and need to add water to the limeade concentrate). I ran into that exact same dilemma as OpalCat over this past weekend and substituted the more readily available Newman’s Own Virgin Limeade for the frozen limeade and water. A little different, but delicious. Also good with a mix of the limeade and cranberry juice, as we found when the Newman’s Own ran out.

Totally agree with the amaretto “secret” ingredient, by the way… so far, that recipe is the only one we’ve found that really succeeds for homemade margs. Not that we’ve tried too many others, mind you, as margaritas only come up when we cook Mexican dishes for guests and even then only on warm weekend nights. They never fail to impress.

My favorite is either a 3:2:1 or 2:1:1 margarita with Sauza Hornitos, Cointreau, and freshly squeezed lime juice. No sugar or simple syrup, served on the rocks.