Quick! Mother Teresa Needs One More Miracle!

VATICAN CITY (AP) - Mother Teresa moved a step closer to beatification Tuesday, when a Vatican committee approved a reported miracle attributed to the late Roman Catholic nun, church officials said. The Vatican’s Congregation for the Causes of Saints committee that handles the process leading to sainthood approved reports that an Indian woman in her 30s was cured of a stomach tumor due to the intercession of Mother Teresa, officials said. After Mother Teresa died in 1997 at age 87, the pope waived the customary five-year waiting period to start the procedures that can lead to sainthood. After beatification, the last formal step before sainthood, a second miracle must occur before someone can be declared a saint.

—You all know what a huge Mother Teresa fan I am (insert sarcastic smiley of your choice here). We can’t have her waiting in line, impatiently tapping her little Albanian nun-toes, waiting to become a saint! Anybody got a miracle to spare? Faux pearls become real? A rerun of Just Shoot Me that doesn’t suck? A telemarketer calling with something you actually want?

Is it mere coincidence that the Baseball Hall of Fame also requires a five-year waiting period before a former player can be inducted? I think not.

Anyway, the Church has gotten a little better about granting sainthood. Used to be anyone and their mom could be a saint, including many who weren’t even real people. :wink:

Would it be funny if they accidentally inducted Mother Teresa into the Baseball Hall of Fame?

Well, the Hall does have standards. Has she joined the 3,000 Miracles Club? Or maybe she’s the all-time leader in career conversions?

I wonder just how hard God laughs about people being canonized by other people.

[sub]As opposed to, say, space aliens, goats or trees, JuanitaTech?[/sub]

Oscar Romero would be more deserving…but the church doesn’t like to talk about him-at least the elites.

Ya know, I kept reading beatification as bea*u[\i]tification and I thought, that’s got to be a miracle all in itself.

Ya know, I kept reading beatification as beautification and I thought, that’s got to be a miracle all in itself.

Being a devout, practicing atheist, I’m no Big Mama T. fan from a religious standpoint. But I seem to have missed some back-story here; thus I humbly inquire, what she did to annoy ya, Eve?

no smiting, please. 'twas merely a question.

Oooh, I agree! He was so sexy back in the 40s, and I loved him as The Joker on Batman. [What? Oh. Never mind!]

apotheosis, there’s been a few Ma T. threads I’ve jumped in on. There are the rumors about her funneling all the “medical” funds from her hospital to the Vatican and supplying no actual medicine; and even if that’s not true, she travelled the world campaigning against abortion, birth control, and divorce. I’m just not a big Ma T. fan.

Rumors is rumors, not fact. Besides, that other stuff’s just her beliefs - she’s spent a lifetime ministering to the poor. Beats anything I’ve done lately.

A matter of opinion . . . She withheld medical treatment from the poor, and created more poor by campaigning against birth control and abortion . . . But this is supposed to be a light-hearted “let’s invent miracles for Ma T.!” thread . . .

So do you think she’ll be a saint before Christopher Reeve? :wink:

Jiminy, there’s any number of miracles Mother Teresa could perform…
…bring back The Lone Gunmen
…get Fox to broadcast opera from the Metropolitan, sponsored by Texaco
…grow Michael Jackson a new nose
…make George Bush sound intelligent

…make Jean Chretien keep the promises in the throne speech…

Beep. Mother Theresa promoted Natural Family Planning among the poor in India, which allows couples to avoid procreation without actually interfereing with the reproductive process.

Aside from that, the correlation is a wee bit off–MT wasn’t the one procreating there. It takes two to tango, and MT can’t jump in as a third.

“It takes two to tango, and MT can’t jump in as a third.”

—Good lord, there’s a nightmare image if ever there was one!

The bf bought some raspberries and put em in my fridge. Now, I’m no big fan of raspberrires, so if Ma T could somehow turn em into a little box of strawberries, I’d write the Pope an email or whatever she needs, plus make a batch of strawberry daiquiris to enjoy in the hot tub. How bout it Ma?

Or even better, she could just turn the raspberries into strawberry daiquiris, thereby saving me the hassle of having to crush ice and wash out the blender.

What the hell was I thinking? :smack: