Quick Plant ID (and advice on destruction)

I live in Portland, OR. Can someone identify this plant for me?

Photo of plant

I’d like to kill it and replant something else there; I don’t mind using chemicals (as long as they don’t remain in the soil and affect a future planting).

Unfortunately, the roots are most likely under the deck so not easily accessible.

Any particular chemical/active ingredient I should look for to vanquish it?


Is it a bush, or is it ground cover?

It’s a bush/shrub, probably about… 2 feet high, I suppose. If another pic would be helpful, let me know - it’s fairly common here around Portland, so figured a pic of the leaves would be enough.

It is Viburnum davidii, a common landscaping shrub in the PNW. It’s from China. It is not invasive or difficult to remove, just dig it up if you don’t like it. Chemicals are not necessary.


Thanks for the name of the plant! Unfortunately, the roots, as I said, are under a deck that isn’t easily removable. Digging it up is not an option.

Hey, how’d you do that deal where when I clicked on a highlighted word (link) I got a picture? There have been many times when I wanted to do something like that here, but couldn’t figure out how to do it without giving everyone a link to all my Picasa albums. What’s the trick? xo,

If you go to my post and click “Quote” (in the lower left of my post), it’ll display the code used. (It starts with a square bracket and then URL=…)

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I hope that helps!

Roundup aka glyphsate will just about any plant. Cut it back and paint on stump branches

I tried spraying it on the leaves a month ago or so with little result - some leaves withered, but the plant kept on trucking. Cut back where I could today and will try to apply it to the branches. Just didn’t seem to work the first time.

Roundup works best when the plant is actively growing. Winter may not be the best time.

True about the weather thing. You could try boiling water - tends to be pretty instant. You would need quite a bit though

painting on cut branches =/= spraying on leaves

The cuts on the branches allow the stuff to get into the plant’s system. Many leaves have coatings that prevent the spray from penetrating.