Quick Question About the Show _Falling Skies_

I’m watching episode 1 season 1 right now. Before I settle in for the entire series:

Is it all basically just military survival/walking dead type stuff? Or do we end up learning, eventually, more about the aliens and their motivations etc?

You learn a lot more. The series goes from magnificent to disappointing at a Lost-like pace, but I thought the ride was worth it.

I still say that Jessy Schram should have gotten an Emmy nomination for her work on “Molon Labe” alone.


Without giving too much away, we do get rather intimate with the advanced technology and various alien races involved.

For my tastes, it kinda went off the rails in the last two seasons, but they always had their moments/episodes.

Agreed. Strong start, trailing to a weaker end.

Is it over, or are there going to be more seasons?

It’s definitely over.

If you want to only watch it when it was good, stop after finishing Season 3. Season 4 had new show-runners and they had no idea what they were doing - the plot suddenly branches off into weird paths that don’t make a lot of sense. Season 5 was a bit better but very underwhelming in execution.

I’m guessing the show got its budget drastically cut every year, it just seemed like things we saw got smaller and smaller even though the story they had was ostensibly supposed to be getting bigger and bigger. By the end the 2nd Mass seemed to be about as big as a baseball team.