Falling Skies Two Hour Season 2 Priemere 6/17

Everyone’s favorite terrible sci-fi is back this summer!

Come join us as we try to make sense of the ever increasingly illogical decisions of the Second Mass.

When we last left them, the human survivors had discovered that the six-legged aliens they had been fighting (Skitters/Cooties) are, in fact, just “harnessed” themselves and are under the control of very tall, grey, lanky aliens. Tom Mason (Noah Wyle) voluntarily went aboard the alien vessel to do…whatever. Talk it out, get mind-controlled himself, we don’t know, and presumably we’ll find out.

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I might go ahead and watch this, more out of curiosity than an expectation of being entertained. I kept waiting during the first season for it to turn out that the mechs were being piloted by mind controlled children. That would explain why they were bipedal, and not more like skitter things. There would have been guilt that every previous victory over a mech meant the death of a child, and the quandry of how to fight them without destroying them.

Was it established that they are entirely remote controlled, or is there still a chance that they have pilots on board?

Well, if that little scene with Ben and the flyer is any indication, then the flyers and mechs are quasi-alive, like the Cylon raiders from BSG.

Edit: And why did Ben have to swim? That gap in the bridge was like three feet. Easily jump-able by anyone.

Reading this and the preview in the newspaper just made me realize how little I remember from the season finale. All I remember was the old guy having amazing aim to shoot a jet plane from a mile away with a rocket launcher and destroying the alien vessel by doing so.

Falling Skies isn’t the best, but even bad Sci-fi is better than no Sci-fi. I was greatly relieved that Falling Skies made it back for another season, especially after Flash Forward, The Event and Terra Nova all got the axe after one season. Without even any Star Trek shows on anymore, what’s a guy supposed to do for Sci-fi on TV these days? Even Sci-fi channel isn’t called Sci-fi anymore.

I hope that Season 2 will be good though. It will have to be if they expect to make it to Season 3.

Unless by “old guy” you mean Noah Wyle, you remember even less than you think :slight_smile:

Less than thrilled with the debut 2-parter. I’ll keep watching, though. As already pointed out in this thread, what other sci-fi do we have?

No love on SDMB for Falling Skies. Haha

I never saw the show until 2 weeks ago when I caught a promo/commercial for the upcoming season. Checked out the 1st season via iTunes and after finishing it I hit the SDMB and read the Cafe Society posts from last year. Also, no love at that time for Falling Skies.

It isn’t HBO level quality, in either writing or production values. Not even AMC. It is TNT so I wasn’t exactly expecting a whole lot out of it. I enjoyed the first season and found it generally entertaining although not great. Since I watched all the episodes back-to-back I didn’t get to enjoy the week-to-week speculation between episodes, pretty much got everything in one sitting. I’m glad the 2nd season has started and I didn’t mind the premier. The show has me interested enough to keep watching and caring enough to find out where it is going.

What happened to all the kids in the summer camp last season?


Well, it was a fun episode. There wasn’t the dumb-assery of last season - they actually made some logical decisions! The first thing I thought of when the bridge was broken was that a few steel sheets would fix it – and lo and behold, they brought out steel sheets!

I like the progression from last season. Did they get a new writer or something?

Wow. Big improvement over last season. It was… OK. Not good, but OK. And I’ll take that for now. There’s some interesting interpersonal shit going on. There’s some fun battle scenes, and some tense moments. Some double crossing and misdirections. Good job, writers. It’s getting there.

But just for the record… never, ever send one guy in alone to do recon. Just don’t do that.

I thought it was pretty good, if it builds on it. Seems to have a more serious tone so far than the first season, somewhat less personal drama, more focus on action. Could just be this one episode though.

I think the production values are really good - I mean, we’ve got giant robots and CGI aliens throughout significant portions of the show, and while it’s not movie quality stuff, it’s definitely not a distraction or bad. For a TNT show, I think they do a remarkable job with what must be a relatively modest budget.

I just watched the first two episodes of the new season my DVR recorded.
Is there a thread about the new season?

Here you go:

The show’s name is Falling Skies, so that may be why a search failed.


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