Falling Skies Two Hour Season 2 Priemere 6/17

I’m enjoying the show, but trying to suppress my annoyance with the casting and character typing.

– Every woman in the show is a pristine cover girl hottie, with an obligatory grease smudge to feebly attempt to convince the viewer they’re also tough. Joss Whedon probably watches this show and thinks “maybe Sarah Gellar was just too butch for the Buffy role…”

– Kids are incapable of any thought beyond their crushing self-angst. Every time one comes on the screen I start humming “Mad World” to myself.

– Yeah, Noah Wylie’s a family guy, we get it already. I give it one more episode before he’s reduced to stumbling around the woods shouting “Waaaaalllltttt!”

– The only good officer is an unshaven alcoholic one.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a sucker for cheesey sci-fi, but I hope they go somewhere with the characters beyond blind stumbling cliches.

The first two hours were nothing special, but some of the stuff from the preview at the end for the upcoming season looked more interesting.

I agree with the comment above, about how it’s not great sci-fi, but at least it’s sci-fi.

I might be the only person who liked last season and didn’t hate watch. It isn’t great but it is entertaining and well made. I liked the season premiere as well.

So far, this season seems to be an improvement over last season; the writing, acting, special effects all seem better.

I don’t believe Airplane Girl is on the up and up.
I’d like her to take off her flight jacket and let the Lady Doctor take a look at her back. :dubious:

Even if she is on the up and up, no guarantee the situation is the same as when she set out.

Too good to be true.
And I suspect the aliens are able to track them as they move.
I think the implant was a ruse, and they are tracking the kid.

Caught up last night.

The good:

They move around more. Being stuck in that school for what seemed like ever was getting old. They have opened up the show considerably.

The bad:

Extremely gross and gratuitous gore. Too damn many characters.

The stupid:

Bad guys motivation. “Well, you guys did some bad stuff too!”

I have the feeling that Charleston is the “neutral zone”/reservation that Tall Grey Alien tried to talk Tom into going to.


A bigger version of last season’s trap.

Right, so they’ll get there and be like “OH NO WE’RE TRAPPED IN AN INTERNEMENT CAMP!” and cut to season 3. Which would be why Season 3 was an easy renewal at this point.

At least one of the more irritating characters got whacked. :slight_smile:

I don’t know why I keep up with this show. The writing is atrocious. Everyone’s unable to speak in anything but cliches. The first line of this last episode was “Good morning, sunshine,” for hell’s sake.


If you mean Maggie, people have survived worse on this show. If you don’t mean Maggie than double :confused:

The Afro kid. :slight_smile:

Did they kill Maggie?

Nope. She was still alive when the credits rolled. She seems to have been gutshot or stabbed though.

I think she just tore her stitches open from the previous episode when she was shot by a mech.

I just watched the latest episode last night and it was the worst so far this season. WTF with Ben? Probably one of the dumbest TV characters ever.

I’ll watch it tomorrow while Mrs. Plant v.3.0 is at work.
She has taken a liking to it. Watching episodes I recorded, we discovered that I’m missing 3 and 4. She doesn’t want to watch anymore until the DVDs arrive. :slight_smile: