Falling Skies Two Hour Season 2 Priemere 6/17

I saw it this morning.
A good episode, although Two Gun Maggie was a little overboard. :slight_smile:

Episode for me was the worst so far in many respects, but at the same time I’m glad it amped up the plot and finally got some pieces moving.

I thought Hal took the cake for the Idiot Ball that episode. So him and Maggie split up to find Ben… and Ben manages to reach Karen first, and escape, during which time Hal is apparently looking somewhere else, telling no one else anything, and then returns in time to confront Ben and Karen alone on top of the roof. Moron.

The only thing that really bugs me with Ben is that he’s a constant walking “I need you to understand me, but I won’t tell you why!” trope.

People are not rational about their children or siblings.

I dislike children in science fiction, especially the “half human half alien” ones who are able to bring peace between their peoples :rolleyes:
I hope that is not where we are going with the de-harnessed kids.

Oh, you were talking about one episode back from the one I was thinking of! :smack:

I’m watching them on Saturdays until Mrs. Plant v.3.0 gets caught up on the DVDs.

Guys are not terribly smart where girls are involved.
I speak from life long experience. :slight_smile:

BTW, was Ben lying to Karen when he told her he didn’t know where the 2nd Massachusetts was going to travel to?

Upon watching again with Mrs. Plant v.3.0, I have some questions.

What are the rings that Captain Weaver wears?

Do they still have the .50 caliber machine gun? It was on the wrong side of the bridge in Shall We Gather at the River, and I thought the GTO was destroyed in the attack to blow up the alien structure.

Did Uncle whats-his-name meet his demise off screen?

Was Ben lying to Karen about not being told the 2nd Mass. destination?


Unless I’m forgetting something from the end of S1, yes, it was between seasons.

I hope Season 3 is longer and comes sooner than June 2013. This is starting to piss me off.

Not a whole lot of commentary this season.
I watched it tonight. Not bad. Ben is apparently freed of his connection since Red Eye bought the farm.
I presume Big Brother has an eye/ear crawler (Star Trek!) not from the croaked Red Eye.
General Asshole seems to have changed policy when Our Heroes were victorious. Might have gone better if General A and his minions were there. :rolleyes:

The crawler came when the ex-GF planted the lip lock on Hal when they were all tied up.

That’s what makes me think it is from the Bad Guys, not Red Eye.

I’m still mildly astonished by the lazy, lazy writing on this show. I don’t think I’ll bother with the next season. It’s like every character is carrying around their own personal copy of “Cliched lines for Stereotyped Character” and can only quote from it. I can predict about three fourths of the lines they use. There’s not a single plot twist that can’t be seen from miles away. There’s nothing surprising or inventive. It’s just the same old paint-by-numbers plodding through the inevitable.

Ann being preggers does not bode well.
Either she is going to be whacked, or the kid will be some human/alien creature that will save the day. :rolleyes:

I realize that they had the cheesy Monkey spaceman with the Season 3 - Enemy or Allies thing at the end, but does anyone know if a Season 3 has been “officially” authorized?

I call him Max Headroom. Probably not too many people still remember him from that old show.

Man, was that season finale underwhelming.

Doctor Glass is pregnant?! :rolleyes:

The guy named Dai dies? That was pretty obvious as soon as Weaver splits the two groups up and basically says “Main character, take your love interest, your kid, your kid’s love interest, your other kid, and the guy who barely gets any lines with you to the left side!”

I’m really tired of the whole “so and so is a traitor/controlled” plot lines. Feel like they’ve been played with enough in this show, so having Hal get controlled is exasperating.

I’m glad the humans got called on being idiots for not killing the Overlord when they had him in custody. It seemed like such an obvious thing to do and would’ve saved 'em a lot of trouble.

General Asshole is just… well, an asshole. He’s not really fun to watch. I’ll be happy when (if?) he buys the farm.

The ending is a potentially interesting direction to go in… but given the budget limits I’m sure it’ll get pushed under the rug for most of the time and replaced with interpersonal drama and emotions and crap. Take that one scene where Tom finds out Glass is carrying his child and starts crying that he’ll give in and tell them as long as they don’t kill his kid - repeat that about ten times, and that’s how I see next season going.

If they killed him while in custody, they would have had no leverage to keep the skitters/mechs from attacking at that point or letting them leave the area - now, they should have set a time delay fuse -but that’s not ‘honorable’.

Season 3 is official -

It’s awful, but I’ve kept watching it as the DVR spits out the recordings. I probably won’t delete the setting so I imagine I’ll watch the next season too.