Quick question, anyone know a cite for the murder stats in Cincinnati for 2006?

I’ve been googling the best I can, but can’t find anything. The more specific the better…race, neighbourhood, reasons…etc.


None so far.

Are you putting “2006” into your Google, also?

Cause, you know…

Cinci crime stats for 2005 ytd, 04, & 03.

“Watson. have you been posting in my name again?”

Sorry, none of my balls is made of crystal.

I think they’re planning to start at zero.

If anyone can do this, it’ll be Google. :wink:

No problem. I have the figures at hand:

Total murders in the City of Cincinnati for 2006: 0
Total murders in the Cincinnati Metropolitan Area for 2006: 0

By race:
White: 0
Black: 0
Asian: 0
Native American: 0
Aleut/Pacific Islander: 0
Biracial/Other/Unknown: 0

By neighbourhood:
East Side: 0
West Side: 0
North Side: 0
South Side: 0
Downtown: 0

By reason:
Argument got out of hand: 0
Drug related crime: 0
Gang related crime: 0
Boredom related crime: 0
Gun went off during cleaning: 0
Knife went off during cleaning: 0
Nothing personal, just business: 0
Shot just to watch die: 0
Dead men tell no tales: 0
Needed killing: 0
Killing not mandatory but recommended: 0
Serial killing (Original): 0
Serial killing (Copycat): 0
Mad science experiment: 0
Mercy killing: 0
Pity killing: 0
Human sacrifice: 0
Civil War re-enactment gone awry: 0

I’d be willing to bet that the first thing Google charges for will be GFuture. That’s gonna piss me off, because I already know I won’t be able to afford it.


Crap…now a great search engine would’ve asked me did meant 2005…hasn’t happened yet.

and I wouldn’t cursed it, for trying to read my mind. heh.

thanks guys.

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That’s cheered me up, thanks!

I’m gonna add that from the looks of it you won’t be needing it neither. :smiley:

This is all reminding me that in working on a huge demographic database in time series around a decade ago I found a lot of reported East German zeros for a number of years for suicide, homocide, and car accidents. This in a population of 17 million people! :dubious:

If you’re going to lie, at least make it realistic.

Doesn’t China insist that it has no homosexuals and no cases of HIV/AIDS?
And I bet the Phelpsians are kicking themselves over the fact that the godless commies are getting it done and they ain’t.

Timecop, he might know.

Actually, a time-travel prototype killed three bystanders. The trial’s set for Feb '07.

China admits it has homosexuals and it does acknowledge that it has AIDS cases.

Like back in the nineties, when Saddam Hussein ran for re-election and it was reported that approximately 99.95% of Iraqis voted for him. Obviously, he wanted the other .05% to be there so the election wouldn’t look like it was fixed.

This shows the significance of the Opposition: