Quick-- Recommend me some podcasts!

My wonderful, fulfilling, exciting, career-advancing, acceptably paying job that I finally landed in June is, unfortunately, seasonal-- it runs only from February to November. I have lined up work for the intervening off-season, but it’s extremely tedious-- packing and mailing calendars for a calendar printing company. In order to survive eight hours of packing and shipping orders for the next two months, I’m going to need a lot of new podcasts to listen to during the tedious work. Up until now, I listened mostly to Radiolab, This American Life, the Slate Political Gabfest and of course, the Straight Dope Podcast. A friend recently turned me on to the Freakonomics podcast, which is very nice, and the Stuff You Missed In History Class, which is quite nice. I really enjoy these sorts of “infotainment” podcasts, be they scientific, historical, political, or whatever, but I’m certainly not looking to limit myself to that, especially if there are truly excellent podcasts out there in any genre. Does anyone have any recommendations?

I’d suggest start looking here at the podcasts which were nominated for the recent podcast awards.

Do a search and you’ll find a number of “podcast suggestion” threads with good recommendations.

The Mike O’Meara Show

Adam Carolla

Adam’s site has been down all night as I post this.

Skeptics Guide to the Universe

Pop culture happy hour
Judge John hodgeman
The history of Rome (start at the beginning)
In our time with Melvin Bragg

The Roadhouse–The finest Blues you’ve never heard!

Astronomy cast. Each episode focuses on some astronomy related subject. It’s understandable without having a huge background in physics or mathematics, but made by a professional astronomer so you can be fairly certain anything you hear is accurate.

Neil Degrasse Tyson appears in the latest Nerdist podcast.

I listen to podcasts while I work out and the only podcasts I bother getting any more are from HowStuffWorks.com - which includes your “Stuff You Missed In History Class” and other fantastic shows.

Here are the podcasts I listen to regularly:

-The Nerdist: As someone else noted, Neil deGrasse Tyson (astrophysicist and science communicator extraordinaire) was just on and it’s an excellent introduction to the podcast.
-Sklarbro Country: Sports-oriented comedy podcast from the Sklar brothers.
-WTF with Marc Maron: Less of a “ha-ha” comedy podcast (although it is frequently funny) and more of an interview show featuring comedians. One of the best podcasts out there IMO - Maron is an incredible interviewer.

Pop Culture
-The Sound of Young America: Jesse Thorn is the Other Best Podcast Interviewer out there. He’s basically the Ira Glass of podcasting, with more of a geeky, comedic bent.
-Judge John Hodgman: The dry humorist best known from the Daily Show and various Apple ads takes on everyday cases of injustice, to hilarious effect.
-Kevin Pollack’s Chat Show: Another excellent interview podcast, drawing guests from throughout American pop culture.
-The Vergecast (formerly “This Is My Next Podcast”): Far and away the best technology-oriented podcast out there. Intelligent and incisive commentary covering everything in consumer technology, from desktop to mobile to the cloud.

-The Sports Poscast with Joe Posnanski: Easily my favorite sports-related podcast out there, hosted by my favorite sportswriter. His running series with Michael Schur (aka “KenTremendous” of FireJoeMorgan.com fame, as well as showrunner and executive producer of Parks and Recreation) are some of the funniest and most insightful pieces of sports commentary out there.
-The Jonah Keri Podcast: Keri’s another one of my favorite sportswriters, and his podcast is always thoughtful and interesting, even if his Rays love irks this Red Sox fan on occasion. His interview with Dirk Hayhurst is a must-listen.

I’ll second Astronomy cast, and if you like Stuff You Missed In History Class, check out the other “Stuff” podcasts. Stuff Mom Never Told You, Stuff To Blow Your Mind, and Stuff You Should Know. There’s a ton of them, and there has to be something to interest everyone.

I second the recommendation of Skeptics Guide to the Universe.

Comedy: The Complete Guide To Everything.

I’m never near a radio when NPR airs Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me so I listen to that one as a podcast.

Or you could listen to “Star Talk” hosted by Neil Degrasse Tyson.

Another vote for WTF with Marc Moran. Marc gets into pretty deep waters with some of his guests. His session with Todd Hanson is gut-wrenching. On the other hand, his story about discovering and curing his mouth cancer in the space of 10 minutes is hilarious.

Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History is amazing.

If you’re into philosophy at all, philosophy bites is a good one – some highlights are Nick Bostrom speaking on the simulation argument, and Frank Jackson about What Mary Knew.

Also, I haven’t seen it mentioned, but Skeptoid is probably a doper favorite, and it’s almost always got some interesting content (I listen to it when I’m doing the laundry, so I can attest it’s well suited to passing the time while doing less-than-stimulating chores).

If you don’t mind the dregs of humanity type stuff, there is alwaysThe Sick and Wrong Podcast. (Listener discretion advised. May not be safe for work. Illegal in Hawaii and Connecticut)

Sorry to disappear-- I’m out on the road at the moment. I’m try out “Skeptic’s Guide”, “Hardcore History”, and “Astronomy Cast” over the course of my twelve hour road trip home this weekend. Thanks for the advice!