Your favourite Podcasts

Well, I just got into this whole podcasting thing, and so far, I only like the iTunes new music podcast. The rest I’ve tried (some tech news thing, and sombody curry) seem to be either over the top garish, or simply boring and unpolished.

So, what are your favourite podcasts? Any reccommendations?

I only listen to a couple, but they’re very well done and polished sounding.

One is the Stephanie Miller Show, a liberal talk radio program from LA. If you’re a liberal, or you enjoy immature comedy, you might like it. :wink:

I also enjoy NPR’s On The Media, a thorough weekly discussion of current events and their effects on the media.

And lately I’ve picked up []PodQuiz, a weekly 20 question quiz. There are lots of audio-involved content, so it’s not just some guy reading off 20 questions. One round he does is called “Mangled by Midi,” where he plays the midi (computer music) version of a song, and you have to guess who it is. One week he had several people from different parts of the world read a statement, and you had to guess where they’re from. Good stuff!

That’s all I’m subscribing to at the moment.

I’m a complete Podcast addict. I listen to them on the bus and knit, which makes the morning and evening commute my favorite part of the day. (That’s kind of pitiful . . .) I’ve finally worked through a lot of the “backissues” so I’m on the prowl for new content . . . Thanks for starting a thread!

I’m in a bit of a rush, so I won’t find URLs for ya; Google is your friend.

Slacker Astronomy – Brief, fun and nerdy astronomy news.
Are We Alone? from SETI – Covers a vast array of topics in biology, astronomy, anthropology, technology, plus skeptical topics.
Science Friday – from NPR’s Talk of the Nation. Two hours of scientolicious coverage a week.
Living on Earth – From NPR. I might drop it; in general, it’s very green and very whiney.

This-American-Life kinda stuff (documentaries, stories, and experimental pieces; alternately funny, touching, profund and, rarely, completely lame):
Little Gray Books

More public radio pr0n:
On the Media
Studio 360

I also listen to Knitcast (about, um, knitting), BBC’s In Our Time (very stuffy and educational) and two entertaining-but-trashy horror/sci-fi novels: EarthCore and Ancestor. Ancestor is just starting, so if you want to listen from the beginning, check it out!

Another vote for the Stephanie Miller show. Plus, if you’re a Battlestar Gallactica fan they release episode podcasts.