Favorite Podcasts?

I haven’t had iTunes that long but in that short amount of time, I’ve found a few podcasts that I love. A friend recommended iFanboy for all things comic book related. From there, I discovered The Totally Rad Show which covers the video games, movies, and other nerd-centric topics. And finally, A Prairie Home Companion just to hear Garrison Keiller’s voice. So how about you guys? Any favorites you’d like to share?

Car Talk.

Logically Critical is good. Is there a Straight Dope one? Because there should be.

Don’t know much about podcasts except the ones Tivo has preprogrammed. I usually listen to coverville.

#1 This American Life
#2 Radio Lab
#3 Real Time with Bill Maher
#4 Sound Opinions

If you like comics, you should check out John Siuntres’ Wordballoon

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A podcast that I fear may be done…JudyCast. The premise: Judy Garland, 30+ years after her “death,” returns to do a podcast. A podcast with her special friends, Carol Channing, Bernadette Peters and Golem. Funny as hell, especially if you’re a Garland fan, and the musical numbers are incredible. Sadly there hasn’t been a new episode since June so I have a terrible feelng that the party’s over.

The various Slate Magazine podcasts are fun, and I like Today, In Our Time and File on Four from the BBC. If you like videocasts, the Onion News Network has had a few truly brilliant episodes.

Mark Kermode’s Film Reviews

Kevin Smith and (producer) Scott Mosier’s SModcast (SM for Smith/Mossier.)

Vulgar, random, and not really intellectual, but fun to listen to.

If you dig Smith’s commentary tracks on his movies, and/or the Evening With DVD’s, then you’ll probably dig SModcast.

Mac Break Weekly if you are a Mac user (or would like to be).

Enthusiastically seconded (although I generally hear the segment live).

I like ‘The Skeptic’s Guide to the Universe’ and ‘Skeptoid.’ These are weekly – Skeptic’s Guide is longish (usually around an hour and a half) and Skeptoid is shorter – usually 20 minutes or less. I also listen to ‘Point of Inquiry’ and ‘Skepticality’ – both weekly and ~hour long. Rounding out my skeptical Podcasts, I really like ‘Quackcast’ which is all about alt meds. Around a half hour long and supposed to be weekly, although he frequently gets busy and skips a week or two. I’m going to try ‘Logically Critical,’ too – thanks, bundykala.

I also listen to ‘Diet Detective’ which is real short (usually less than 10 minutes) reviews of diet claims. They do a lot of comparisions of diet products and things like that. And I just started listening to a new one, ‘Munchcast’ which is a Podcast about junk food. A nice balancer to the Diet Detective.

Also, you can get some radio shows on Podcast, if you’re willing to pay. I’m listening to Dennis Miller’s new show, but had to pay ~$50 for a subscription to the whole show for a year. I won’t do more than one subscription a year due to the cost, but I’m sure there are other shows out there you can subscribe to.

Penn Jillette had a great hourly radio show which I loved – and it was available for free on iTunes, too. It ended in February, though. There’s talk that he might be returning to radio – I sure hope that’s true.

If you like sports, ESPN has a whole slew of podcasts available (I routinely get Mike and Mike, Football Today, Around the Horn, PTI, and The B.S. Report) and there’s a network called My Sports Radio (or just MSR) that has decent sports talk (try the NFL Roundtable if you like pro football and go from there if you like what you hear.) Other than that, most of what I get is political or news (Nightline, Fox News Sunday, The McLaughlin Group, Countdown, Hardball, Meet the Press, Face the Nation, NBC Nightly News, and highlights from the Wall Street Journal as part of my Audible subscription.) A couple other things that might be interesting are Behind the Bricks if you’re interested in stand up comedy; This Ain’t Iowa if you’re interested in sports and especially sports betting, random news, and Las Vegas; and What’cha Talkin’ 'Bout if you are interested in general sports, boxing, the Pittsburgh Steelers, general baseball, or NASCAR.

I listen to most of those too, although I wasn’t familiar with Quackcast, so I’ll have to check it out.

I was saddened to hear about Perry DeAngelis’ death today on Skeptic’s Guide. I liked Perry.

The Ricky Gervais Podcast had me in stitches. Chimpanzee that!

The Roadhouse: The Finest Blues You Never Heard.

Just poked around iTunes a bit this weekend and found more podcasts that I subscribed to despite probably not having time to listen to them all: Adventures of Flash Gordon, which appears to be episodes of the old Flash Gordon radio show; Best of YouTube (video); Serial Clifhanger Theater (video) which has the complete Radar Men from Mars (of MST3K fame) up at the moment; Irregularly Scheduled Programming (video) which is a “wacky news” kind of thing but not, so far, lame.

This American Life
Air America Radio
Morning Sedition (no longer airing but you can still get the old podcasts)
Salon.com Conversations