Quick Spanish translation help needed

I’m moving tomorrow and we’re going to get some day laborers to help us. In case they don’t speak English, I want to give them something that says the following - I translated it using Babel Fish but want to make sure it reads OK:


Is this translated correctly??

Thanks in advance!

Ok, my boyfriend thinks we need something more simple, so take a look at this instead:

How’s this?

Babelfish sucks.


Se necesita ayuda con mover algunos muebles en almacenamiento. Hay solamente una carga de camioneta. Se paga $20 por la hora.

I am not a native Spanish speaker, but trust me, it’s an improvement:

‘‘Help is needed with moving some furniture into storage. There is only one truck load. Pay is $20 an hour.’’

Thank you olivesmarch!

Yes. Translating back through Babelfish, what the message in the OP says is:

My own take; for some things I’ve tried to choose expressions that are more Latin American than Spaniard, or avoided the Spaniard expression that would give Latin Americans a bad case of the giggles:
Necesitamos ayuda transportando muebles desde nuestro apartamento en Alexandria a un almacén en Falls Church. Llevará unas 3 horas y les pagaremos $60 a cada uno por esas tres horas (son $20 la hora). ¡Gracias!

¡Favor de NO llevar las cajas con etiquetas rosas que hay en el dormitorio!
I understood what has the pink stickers is the boxes. If the pink stickers are part of your décor, then it’s las cajas que hay en el dormitorio con etiquetas rosas.