Quick way to hole-punch a LOT of paper

[li]I don’t have a heavy duty hole-punch, it just punches like 10 sheets at a time[/li][li]My photocopier no longer punches paper[/li][li]I have something like 5,000 sheets I need punched, but they have to remain collated. [/li][/ul]

When I do it by hand the punch just breaks after a while and it’s not neat or even, plus it looks like this will be an all-day project or worse. I have other things to do, too!

Suggestions? I have thought about buying pre hole-punched paper but then I have to photocopy all of these onto another document and waste more paper… But I will do that if there’s no other way.

Cost is an issue; we’re a not for profit and cheap.


Kinko’s or another copy service (especially one that you regularly use) would probably do it for next to nothing, if not for free.

Drill with 1/4 inch bit. You can do whole reams of paper as long as you do it straight down (not at an angle). Drill press if you have one or know somebody.

Shoot it with a small caliber bullet? :smiley:

Take it to Kinko’s and let their experts deal with your hole punching needs.

Another vote for bullets or drills.

Any print shop will have the proper equipment for the job as well. Pressmen are notoriously lecherous and will probably not charge you any *money *at all for the service.

Do you not know anyone with a plasma laser?

Ok, much as I would like to, I am NOT allowed to play with drills without adequate supervision. And I shouldn’t be allowed to either.
I like the bullet idea but bullets are expensive but I guess I’ll go to Kinko’s. :frowning:

Clamp the edge to be punched with 1x4 boards and C-clamps to prevent tearout and shredding. Then use a drill press with a new bit.

Or just about any print shop. No idea what they might charge.

We went camping one time mid-semester, and my buddy thought it would be funny to put a .22 through the middle of my multi-class notebook. Instead of getting a new notebook, I just wrote around the hole for the rest of my assignments that year. It may have been because the sheets weren’t compressed, but the whole wasn’t very neat at all.

They meant paper drills. Most high volume print shops will have one.

Next time it might be easier to print on 3-hole punched paper, fwiw.

See? This is why I shouldn’t be allowed to do it.

And I would have, really, but my coworkers were like we need them NOW and I didn’t have any in stock.

I used to work at a print shop that offered a lot of one-off services like this. 5000 sheets would take about 15-30 minutes and should definitely cost less than $20. It’s the kind of thing we’d do for free and on the fly for regular customers.

Kinko’s would probably be fine, Anaamika, but they might be slow about it. If you’ve got a handy-dandy locally-owned copy shop, they should be able to do it on the spot or within a very short time frame (same day).

Cleavage. Seriously.

Not me. :slight_smile:

I see **JSexton **knows a pressman or two?

Nope. I know a man or two.