Quick Windows Question

Is there a way I can download XP’s security updates via my broadband connection, so I can then burn them to a CD and put them on another computer (which only has 56k)?


Yes. Go to the Technet Bulletin Search and select the operating system and service pack from the dropdown menus. It will give you a list of all applicable patches. Download them all and burn them to a CD.

You’ll also want to get qchain.exe. This will let you apply multiple hotfixes without rebooting in between. Just run each update in turn on the XP system and choose not to reboot after each one. When you’re done run qchain.exe. You won’t see any visible result, but it will make sure the new files get copied in the right order. You can then reboot once and you’ll be set.

Some updates, such as DirectX and Service Packs, can’t be chained.

You can also make a .bat file to run all the hotfixes without any intervention, but this might be overkill unless you want to update multiple systems.

Awesome, thanks a lot.

I would have never found that site; Microsoft’s webpage is so damn hard to navigate.

Thanks again.