QuickBasic 4.5 / Win98

      • Where does Win98 put this program, and what is it named? I used to remember, but have forgotten and I have spent a while looking but cannot find it. - MC

I don’t think it’s on your hard drive, but it is on the Windows 98 CD under tools/oldmsdos.

MC, being a DOS program Windows 98 didn’t do anything with it. It is wherever you installed it. Mind is in the QB45 folder. The name of the program is QB.EXE.

Diver, that is “qbasic” not Quick Basic 4.5.


      • After pondering it a few hours, I think I did find it and download it off the net somewhere, a couple years back. I had the folder name right, it just wasn’t there. And OEM disks don’t have the same folder arangement as retail ones do; mine don’t got no tools or oldmsdos folder.
  • I guess I could just copy it off my college’s computers, which brings me to my next question: everybody everywhere says that MS no longer distributes 4.5, but the college I go to buys some new computers every year, and all the newer ones running Win98 have 4.5 on them–even the ones they bought last summer (I dunno about the ones running Win2K, I’ll have to check). What gives? The computer department techs are religious about not allowing unapproved software on the computers, so I know students didn’t put it there. - MC