Quicken question

I set up a new 5% savings account from Wachovia (Way2Save) in which every time i make any sort of deduction from checkings, an extra $1 goes into Way2Save.

Can i setup Quicken to automatically transfer $1 whenever i input a deduction? Is there a macro maker that i could use for it

I can’t think of any ‘elegent’ way to do it. However, once you do it once, it will remember it. My suggestion would be that the first time you do it, give it a name that starts with something that nothing else does, for example zz-Way2Save. That way, all you have to do is hit zz and the rest will come up automatically and you can hit enter. It woun’t be totally automated, but it would be very fast. Everytime you make a deduction from your savings account, do that next.

I set it up like you said, so it’ll work for me. Thanks man