Quicken(tm) Users three questions for you.

  1. I have a personal loan from a credit union. This credit union does support Quicken ™ My savings and checking accounts do download into Quicken but my personal loan does not. What is the best way to track the personal loan in Quicken?

  2. I have some “shares” at LendingClub.com what is the best way to track them in Quicken™

  3. Through my employer I have a deffered compensation program through Prudential. How can I add this account to Quicken to track it?

1: (Assuming the personal loan has fixed payments which are taken from your chequing account on fixed dates…)

I, too, have a loan whose statements are not downloadable. I simply created the loan in Quicken with the initial balance (say, 15000 ). Since I know when the payment (400 ) is taken from my chequing account, and the payment is always the same, I’ve set it up in Quicken as a recurring payment from my chequing account, to appear in Quicken a few days in advance so I’ll see it coming.

I don’t know in advance the exact capital/interest split of each payment, but I can adjust it manually once I receive the monthly statement (by opening the chequing account in Quicken and splitting the transaction to send some money to paying back the loan and some money to “interest paid”). Another approach is to just periodically adjust the amount owed on the loan: after 8 payments of 400$, the loan account in Quicken would be showing a balance of 11800 ; I get a statement in the mail that says I still owe 13458 , so I just add a transaction in the loan account as “interest paid”, for 1658 $.

I hope this makes sense.

Heracles thanks for helping out with #1