Quickie.. Do Americans call 'Ecstasy' 'X' or 'E'?

Just curious…




I’ve heard both. Originally all I ever heard was “X,” but “E” is increasingly common.

Are you not sure how to ask for it? I’d call it “Ecstasy,” just to make sure they don’t cheat you with a generic or store-brand.

[To pharmacist:] What is this? Can’t you see my doctor clearly checked “no generic substitutions” on the prescription?

As an American I have never heard it called X, only E

Or rolls, or beans, or adam.
Adam is more from the beginning days, I never hear it now.

Rolls is probably most prevalent (in the midwest and here in FL anyway), it’s much less attention grabbing in a club to walk up and say “hey, know where I can get a roll?” than “hey who has some X?”

When I hear people talk about it, I hear the following(in order of frequency)

I used to hear it called E, but increasingly hear X. I think it’s just a matter of laziness, reducing “ex-ta-see” to its first syllable, “ex.” After all the “x” sound in “ecstasy” is probably the word’s strongest component, and it takes a bit of a mental step-back to remember that the initial is “e”.

Esp. if you’re on it.

The only time I ever hear “X” is on TV shows, and then I just laugh because it’s usually Dawson’s Creek or Degrassi: New Class (okay, that’s Canadian). I’d have to say “E”.

I think Ben Stiller’s character on Fox’s “Undeclared” said it best. Something along the lines of “There’s nothing better than the love of a good woman. Except Ecstasy. Want to do some Ecstasy?”