is there heroin in ecstasy?

ive always heard that, but im not too sure. a friend of mine is a sometimes drug abuser. i tried to get him to see the light (lame, i know). i told him that heroin was in x and after a period of using this drug it eventually eats holes in your head, saw that on oprah. he doestn believe me. if anyone can find some links on x, the ingredients, and the effects, id appreciate it. thanks in advance

that’s usually a good start, though they have a bit of a pro-drug outlook. As far a heroin goes, it’s possible. It isn’t likely to do much to you though, heroin is not absorbed particularly well by the GI tract.

No ecstasy has no heroin in it. It’s mdma.

The answer is, there CAN be heroin in ecstasy, but it isn’t in there as a general rule.

Many distributors of X cut the formula with other drugs or substances to stretch them out. I’ve had X that was cut with heroin. Tends to make you puke, but you still get the high.

The chances that ecstasy is cut with SOMETHING are extremely high. “Pure” ecstasy is rare. I only came across it three or four times during my entire drug filled wandering youth.

I think she was asking more about whether ecstasy every has heroin added to it, not whether it is a natural component of it. I don’t have a cite, but if I remember correctly from the studies I’ve seen, samples of E taken off the street have occasionally been found to contain Heroin. I don’t believe it’s very common though, as cuts go, there are a lot of things less expensive to use.

I’m convinced some of the pot I’ve smoked was laced with heroin, if only because a) the buzz was a bit too body-rocking, b) my nose would itch, which only happens when I take an opiate (e.g. codeine, demerol), c) Hi, Opal!, and d) it looked dusted with white stuff.

Either way, the buzz was amazing. :smiley:

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Oprah probably isn’t the best source to use for factual drug information.

It doesn’t seem to make any sense to cut X with heroin. First off, heroin is expensive. Why waste it when I can get $30 a gram on the street? In fact, they cut heroin with baby laxative and powdered milk to make a batch go further.

Heroin (and other opiates like morphine) will often make the user throw up, as cited above. Why should I buy more X from a drug dealer when the last batch made me puke?

And the answer is not “to get the user hooked on heroin” because one must know what drug one is hooked on before one can be hooked on it.

Ecstacy isn’t cut with heroin. Every other raver in the world will tell you that they’ve had ecstacy cut with heroin, or cocaine, or any other hard drug. How do they know? Because “it feels a certain way” when said adulterants are present. You would need to swallow a large amount of heroin for it to have any effect on you; far more than would fit in a tiny ecstacy pill. Ditto coke. They aren’t orally bioavailable; this is why they’re injested via snorting or injection. As well, why would they bother using an expensive substance like heroin as a cut or binder, when something cheap will work better?

The irony, of course, is that if there were heroin in the pills these people were eating, it’d be pretty harmless. The MDMA that really is in the pills is a known neurotoxin.

Can you supply me with a cite for this? I have never heard this even with the X backlash of the last few years. It sounds suspicously close to the old 'LSD causes chromosomal damage" line.

I agree that it’s unlikely to have ectasy (or mj or any other drug) cut with heroin. things are added as ‘cuts’ to other things in order to stretch the supply. If some one was intentionally adding heroin to something else in order to improve the high, I can’t imagine why it wouldn’t be advertised as such.

however, with all the above, it’s not impossible for there to be trace amounts of heroin or cocaine in damn near any illegal drug, since the incidence of a drug dealer only dealing in one commodity isn’t likely (from supply side on down to street dealer).

anecdotally, that was one of the problems facing our parole agents, they had folks testing positive for trace amounts of cocaine (while wearing a patch), theory was that if you’re dealing/using drugs, some trace amount get transferred.

Here’s a good link i find on Ecstasy

It tell pretty much everything one want to know about the effect of the drug. But, if it’s cut with something else then the effects of the ‘cutting agent’ must be taken into account.

Now to add to the debase about will a drug dealer cut his stuff with another drug, I think some dealer do. Let’s look at it this way, I’m street dealer, basically, i’m a salesman. If people find that my stuff gives them better results, they’ll continue to buy with me. I know of a couple of marijuana dealer who does this all the time ( they even sell it higher ). Now, if cutting your X with heroin 1) Can make you puke and 2) Does not have the heorin effect and 3) Cost a lot more money… Why would a dealer do this.

I Think it’s much more likely that X ( or whatever other drug ) are cut with PCP when dealer want to improve their effect. PCP is a cheap yet powerfull hallucinogen and it can be inhalated, digested or injected…

Still, a dealer (particularly an inexperienced one) might try cutting X with heroin in hopes of improving the high or making customers addicted. When this didn’t work most would probably realize it and save their heroin for heroin customers, but I wouldn’t be so sure that X is never cut with heroin.

Dr. Drew has made the claim about methylenedioxymethamphetamine (sp)(MDMA, Ecstacy) being a cumulative neurotoxin.
I would trust him. If you have ever listened to his show, he is not one to shame all drugs and make you think every drug will hurt you or “eat holes in your head”. I’ve never heard him try to scare people away from drugs like that. He is very honest and matter-of-fact. He is really against this particular drug though due to recent findings.
Cites would be good, but I have none…

There are several very misleading, if not flat out bogus pieces of info in that link.

It could also be combined with horse manure, but it rarely (meaning probably never) is. Ecstasy and LSD are frequently taken in combination. The practice is called “candy flipping”. If ecstasy had any of those other ingredients, the product would certainly be advertised as such and a premium price charged. Generally, stuff sold as Ecstasy is in fact MDMA, MDA, MDE, or MDEA.
Most often, if the tablet does not contain one of those items, it has no active ingredient. If you are gonna rip people off, it is easiest to just sell them complete garbage rather than a substitute. The two most common things that are substituted are DXM and PMA. DXM is the active ingredient in many cough suppressants. There is a danger here. Forget the whole heroin idea…. that is fantasy.

I guess it depends on how you define aphrodisiac. The substance has a marked affect on a person in two ways that are very germane. It strongly encourages closeness/intimacy. It also greatly enhances physical sensation. Down side is that it can cause errectile problems in men as any amphetamine can.

In fact researchers aren’t sure it causes ANY long lasting damage in humans. The most current research does indicate depressed levels of some brain chemicals for some amount of time afterwards. So far, all tested have rebounded after cessation of use. More interestingly, they haven’t been able to correlate any of the to functional deficiencies. This does not mean it is completely safe and harmless.

It doesn’t closely simulate the effects whatsoever. Coffee simulates LSD about as well. Ephedrine based materials may in fact be more dangerous.

Some other general info: Ecstasy is very “self limiting”. By that, I mean that if you took it today, you need to wait at least a few days before it would work well again. Taking it every evening will pretty much just waste it. However, there are people stupid enough to do exactly that.

The real danger of ecstasy comes from user behavior after taking it, rather than the actual substance. The vast majority of fatalities and serious injuries result from heat stroke or other heat injury. This results from dancing for hours on end in an extremely crowded venue with inadequate ventilation/cooling, and little or no water. BTW, kids are dying in the same clubs/places who haven’t taken anything for exactly the same reason. However, ecstasy does make it easier to make that kind of mistake.

Patients under psychiatric care have taken 1000’s if not millions of doses before the substance was banned for this use. Common sense precautions were taken during that use. It wasn’t killing them or “eating holes in their head”.

It has been clearly shown that in some animals at high doses, there is neurotoxicity. But, what does that mean. Humans are not those animals, and generally do not dose that high.

So, what does this mean? They can cause measureable decreases in serotone levels in animals with this, ok. The human studies suggest cognitive alterations. But, these are uncontrolled studies with no base line. It could just show that on average, people who less smart to start are more like to have tried the drug.

vibrotronica is right on the money. It just doesn’t make sense for a dealer to cut Ecstasy with an expensive drug. Especially since it would be in such a small amount that the effects would barely be noticeable.

There are enough problems with “X”, that this urban legend isn’t even necessary. One of the sad results of our “War on Drugs” is that so much misinformation and propaganda has been spread that it’s almost a gut reaction to dismiss any “drug warnings” as bullshit. Like the lie that LSD causes chromosome damage.

BUT, from all available research (and more is coming in all the time) all evidence points to the fact thatMDMA is neurotoxic! It produces changes in the serotonergic system causing a loss of nerve cell axons. No-one knows what the consequences of this damage is…but a lot of long-term Ecstacy users are reporting chronic depression and loss of memory.

I’m the last person who would give anyone an anti-drug speech… but why take chances with something that can cause long-term damage, when there are so many other drugs that are safer and more interesting?!?! [sub]like…magic mushrooms for instance…[/sub]

If you really care about your friend, direct him to Dance Safe where he can buy a testing kit for his X.

What really bothers me is

No, I’m sorry, your friend is a sometimes drug user which is realms removed from being a drug abuser. It’s about as far removed as a sometimes social drinker is from an every day and every night alcoholic.

Go to and and educate yourself with the actual facts, instead of living off fear and prejudice derived from biased and erroneous information dished out on Oprah, DARE, and from the DEA. Don’t let your head sit full of lies when you can fill it with knowledge.


Oh, here’s one more thing: MDMA pills aren’t produced by street dealers, they’re produced in clandestine labs by people with pill presses and other equipment. Presumably, these people would also be the ones who synthesized the MDMA, which presumably requires some knowledge of chemistry to produce. Therefore, I’m not seeing one of these guys being clueless enough to think there’d be any point in putting some heroin into their pills.

Man, I really love the word “presumably”. Quit being so pretentious, self!