Has anyone here ever posted on ecstasy?

Just wondering if they got a warm response, I guess.

I have seen people posting drunk and they get a lot of responses and a lot of people seem to think they are cute.

A rolling person would probably be more fun

“I love you all SO MUCH. It’s such a shame we can’t all meet in real life and fly paper airplanes and talk about what we will name our dogs and dress up as butterflies…and i love you all SO MUCH…and you are all wonderful because we all love eachother SO MUCH…”

Can anyone give me a link to a post like this?

This is Homer’s brain on shrooms.

I posted once on E. My post was not in any way entertaining. I seem to recal it was a simple response to someone. About all I could think of at the point. I’ll see if I can dig it up. It’s from sometime back in April, or May.

scratchie, a better question would be, what have you not posted on? :wink:

Hell, send some E my way and I’ll try it. :smiley:


Not me. But I once posted after eating two whole packages of Li’l Debbie Swiss Cake Rolls. Does that count?

Just for the record, I did intend that entire post to be bold. Yeah, that’s the ticket. :rolleyes:

of course you did lil’ deary

:ahem: I’m talkin to myself on IM here… :hint hint:

Have you ever actually tried ecstasy? Did it really make you talk/act like this? If so, I want my money back because I must’ve gotten some bunk shit… :rolleyes:

I rolled at a friend’s house (who isn’t your friend on E?) and wrote a 19 page description of how much I loved everybody in the room. I also included entire conversations that seemed so deep at the time.

Until that document is back in my hands, I’ll never run for President…

Silverfire , yes, you really feel like this if it’s good- sounds like you got ripped off.

Ratatosk, don’t give Homer (Tim) any ideas, please! Most of us are still reeling from his 'shroom and drunk posts.

Yeah, that’s ecstacy. Damn whiny candykids… Here’s a few typical conversations at a rave:

“I’m sorry I’m SOOOOO rolling right now, what’s your name again? I want to introduce you to my friend um… I’m sorry, what’s YOUR name? [turning back to Frank] This is Frank. Oh my god? You’re frank? I’m soooo rolling, I mean, this is Frank.”

“You are SOOOO COOL! this isn’t just the E talking, you’re a really cool person, we should hang out in real life… I live in San Diego, where do you live? Los Angeles? Wow! We should like, do something this weekend…”

“Hi, my name’s Butter because that’s the way my skin feels… oooh. kind of like your hand, you’re all sweating… having fun dancing? Oh shit, I’m sorry, I just HAD to hug you, you didn’t mind right? God you have beautiful eyes! Kind of like David Bowie! :)”


I’ve read that ecstacy is being reclassified from a stimulant/hallucinogen to a new category, empathogens. Good E makes you empathise with everyone around you because it removes your normal inhibition barriers. It’s easy to fall for the illusion: “this is how I reallllly feel, suddenly I, a shy guy am bold and outrageous and the world is fucking great! There’s all these nice people here!” It takes a while to realize that the relationships that you form in real life are truer than how you “really feel” with your e-tripping friends.

You can feel your moods shift after enough pills too (bye bye Serotonin receptors!). I think I’ve taken 34 pills in total.

Now that I think about it, it took me a full year to feel normal again. It was a fun year raving (1999/2000), but I don’t think I’d want to do it again.


I miss the music though.

Silver, oldscratch et. all.

Extascy is a fucking horrible drug. It make you look and act like a total fucking fool.

I have never taken E. so, I can’t critisize what it is like. But from having seen friends take it, It makes you into a moron.

That, and one of my friends died of liver and kidney failure after taking Extacsy.

So, you can understand why I might be a little against it.

More like a 4 year old with an adult’s memory. Ooooh, shiny object, bright light. Loud, oooh. Water, taste… good. People dancing, feel like… dancing, ooooh. Don’t feel so good, sit down, no wait, must dance to regain… control.

I’m sorry to hear about your friend, it can be (like all synthetics) a very dangerous drug. The possible problems while rare, tend to be fatal because it’s taken so far away from medical help.

Didn’t we discuss this already? Oh yeah, we did, flashback.

True. However, is there a drug that doesn’ make you look and act like a total fucking fool? I can’t think of one.

Hmm, nicotine?

Sometimes I post high too much…

hey. No one asked you.

Au contraire. Methinks this:

…was a question, k? Not my fault I’m wicked smart and thought of one for ya. :wink: