Quidditch played by muggles in space is it possible?

Could we actually manage to have a quidditch like gameplay using some inflatable arena in low earth orbit and something like battery powered leaf blowers for brooms, and some form of drone maybe using compressed gas for propellant for the snitch? I’m sure we can come up with some sport, but how close are we muggles to being able to replicate Quidditch to be a playable game that is close to the game as described in Harry Potter?

Yes I know there is a form of Quidditch that is played already but without the flying aspect it’s just not the same.

When playing quidditch, the players generally move horizontally over a flat, grassy field, using a levitation / hovering technology that we don’t really have. They are stable, rotationally, usually oriented heads up (although spinning about the broom axis to block a shot does happen).

However, “flying” in space would bring in a lot more “degrees of freedom” i.e. movement in multiple directions and rotation about any axis, unless there were some way to null out unwanted motions. So…maybe specialized space suits would be needed. But, if we had such things, maybe we wouldn’t need to go into space to use them.

Naah, muggles can’t breathe in outer space :wink: