Quilts slipping off bed

I toss and turn in bed a lot, whether I’m sleeping or not. (I occasionally lie awake for hours, trying to get to sleep; sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and it’s a while before I nod off again.)
What I want to know is: What can I use to make the light quilt–which has synthetic backing–quit slipping off the blanket? (I live in an older mobile home, in a room which isn’t well heated, nor are its walls very well insulated; when the quilt slips off, of course I feel colder and am more likely to wake up.)
Is there something–a chemical, or a liner, perhaps, that I can put on the quilt so it won’t slip off?

If you wanna go cheap…cloths pins or safety pins on the three corners that you don’t use and possibly a safety pin in the center…that way you can flip off the corner you are using on your upper body if you choose while keeping the blanket.

Otherwise, get a new quilt, preferably in cotton with a pure cotton batting. I have found my cotton quilt keeps me warmer than my Wal*Mart comforter. The cat has inherited the quit though…

The cotton quit is mostly hand made and about 1/4 - 1/8 of the size in thickness of my comforter.

Of course that was meant to say, clothes pin or safety pin the “quilt” to the blanket…preview, preview, I didn’t preview.