quinine question might not be legal but I dont know

ok I want to use some quinine in a home crafting experiment, no I dont want to eat the stuff, it tastes nasty and Seattle isnt exactly a hotbed of malaria.

I can use tonic water for this project but I have good reason to think I will need higher parts per million to achieve the proper black light effect.

so Question 1, is this question even ok to ask here at the dope due to the fact that quinine is a sort of prescription drug.

question 2, could I simply simmer a couple liters of tonic water down and then use the remaining fluid for my extra dense quinine juice.

(I am not trying to be vague for some crazy legal reason, I just think I have an original idea and want to give it a try before I patent it and make a billion bucks…or I will post the results once I find out if it works or not.

Yes, you could reduce the tonic water to concentrate the quinine, but you’ll only get about 83mg of quinine per litre of tonic water.

Do you really need a prescription for quinine? My doctor recommended it for possible relief to bad leg cramps at night. He spoke about it as if it were OTC and harmless to try.

What do the SDopers say? How can one buy quinine? Rx or OTC?

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I know a person that has to take it for medical reasons, and she has a prescription.

Funny, so dangerous that it has to be taken off the market, but not immediately.

CMC fnord!

You haven’t said exactly what you’re making, but perhaps a fabric brightener, such as Rit, would do the job. As shown in this project, it’s quite bright under UV.

that, sadly would really really not work. its pretty specific, I am headed to the store here in a few, I should have some results in 2-3 weeks.
by the way this wont change the world as we know it…unless you’re a hippy raver or something.

Well, what you want is right here for about $7 a gram plus shipping. However, I really don’t know how S&A feels about shipping anything to individuals with no lab, but if they do, they’ll most likely ship at least quinine. You’ll most likely have to call them and set up an account. Good luck.

I missed my edit window but I just noticed that the Wikipedia page on quinine has a sidenote that it’s used to cut cocaine. I think that’s a pretty unsupported allegation – I could think of a million better things to cut cocaine with than a $7/gm extremely bitter antimalaria medication. However, that page also did bring up an interesting point: the prophylactic dose of quinine with a lot of nasty side effects seems to be around 250mg every day. Now, Tonic supposedly contains up to 83mg per liter, and I’ve been known to drink over two liters in one sitting. Since it was usually mixed with gin I don’t remember ever feeling anything out of the ordinary, but the question remains – if done daily, is the ensuing cirrhosis and untimely demise excused by my improved chances of not contracting malaria?