Quirk in kitchen faucet

Our kitchen faucet, the kind with one handle which fits over a metal ball with holes in it, spouts water at varying force, even within the space of a few minutes. My Mom says it’s because of the construction crews which has been working on the pool in the park, but I noticed it today–Saturday–when there are no workers present. Why would it do that? (The other faucets, in the bathtub and bathroom sink, don’t seem to be affected.)

Something may be partially obstructing the pipe to that faucet.

Once had a faucet with this symptom. There was a fat white disc under the handle with slots that controlled the relative flows. Something broke somewhere and it started sliding on its own.

There’s a lot of variation of single handle faucet design. But there’s probably a part that’s broken/worn down that’s causing it.

You might try looking at various faucet repair sites using the brand if not model of your faucet.

But a good first check is to make sure that the handle is screwed down tight, that everything is clean, etc.

Oh, another thing: air in the pipes can also cause this. Not much you can do about that if that’s coming from the water company.

Check YouTube. If the fix is simple, you may get lucky and find a video that’ll tell you exactly what to do. That’s how I fixed one problem.

I’d like to try it, Rowrbazzle, but I have dial-up Internet access and YouTube is useless for any purpose to me. :mad: :frowning:

If it happens to be a Moen faucet, they offer free lifetime replacement parts. They also have a tool on the website that will help you to identify at least the type of faucet that you have (close enough to get the correct parts), and maybe the exact model number.

If you have a Moen faucet, and call them and describe the problem, they may be able to tell you “Oh, that usually means the doohickey thingamajig is broken, we’ll send you one right away.” I did this last year for my kitchen faucet.

Other brands may be this helpful, may not, I don’t know. See if you can find the brand name on the faucet and give them a call or check out the website.

Just for chuckles, remove the strainer from the end of the faucet and clean it. If you have collected enough grit that could cause your problem. Takes about 30 seconds to check it out.

I’ve done that.