Quit your whining, sheesh

I realize that a lot of bad feelings are abound on The SD due to recent events, but must you take everything that Ed Zotti posts and make it into some Goddamed conspiracy?

I don’t know the man but damn, some of you people trip out on some of the most ridiculous shit.

I respect and like a lot of you from your postings, but for God’s sake why whine about something that you enjoy and is free?

Why not give constructive advice rather than have your comments bite you in the ass, only to make you look the fool. Sorry, but that’s the reality.

You are smart and intelligent people, get off this bashing the SDMB mentality and see that they can do whatever the fuck they want to do with this board. It is their board!

Stop fucking it up for the rest of us. Damnit, this pisses me off, one of the few places on the 'net I truly enjoy and your sniveling is making it harder to enjoy The SD.

Please quit whinning about people whinning. :slight_smile:


What do you mean by that? Esplain it to me Lucy.

BTW, that’s what the Pit is for…got a problem with that?

Nothing personal I assure you. I just get a kick out of OPs that whine about people that whine. You aren’t the first to do it and you won’t be the last. Carry on…

I’ve seen Ed Zotti naked. He’s short for his height.

If you don’t like my post then you don’t have to be a part of it.

Apparently from the other thread, you are opposed to Ed’s postings…need I say more?

That didn’t make sense, strike that last post LOL

BTW Techchick68,

Kudos to you for the use of the word sheesh…it is a favorite word of mine…

I use sheesh alot.

it’s not a great thing but better than “shit”

Au contraire, I don’t have a problem with Ed’s post. My posts in that other thread consist of observations and suggestions for improving things. My posts there are devoid of insults and profanity and are intended in the nicest of ways… :slight_smile:

I have always thought that the word sheesh works well for adding emphasis…

um, is this a pit thread or a love fest ? I expect to see a bit more cursing and insulting pronto !! (I wonder if any thread has ever been moved out of the Pit.

Sheesh . . .

oh wait, I mean - shit !!

Warning: Poster may be slightly, or very inebriated.

No, but I’ve had one closed for being too friendly. :rolleyes:

Time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a banana.

Well damn, I agree with the whining bit.
Hey Wally, what exactly is Ed too short for?

** Sigh. So many men, so few who can afford me ** Original by Wally

I’ve learned that if someone says something unkind about me, I must live so that no one will believe it.

I have determined that I am not the best Flame Thrower in here.



He’s too short to be as tall as he would be if he was taller.

Posting this in the correct thread now:

First warning, Wally.

[winking smilie thing I never bothered to learn how to do]