quiz tv puzzle - how to get answer

The puzzle

Add the numbers in the following list

1 Stars on the American flag
2 Cards in a standard pack
3 Months in 10 years
4 Balls in six cricket overs
5 Wheels on a standard car
6 Rings on the Olympic flag

The answer 6872

me :confused:

Can anyone help me out with this?

1 Stars on the American flag = 50
2 Cards in a standard pack = 52
3 Months in 10 years = 120
4 Balls in six cricket overs = ??
5 Wheels on a standard car = 4
6 Rings on the Olympic flag = 5

So that’s 227, plus however many balls are in six cricket overs.

Are there over 1,100 balls in a cricket over?

you could argue there are 5 wheels on a standard car (steering wheel)

there are 36 balls in a cricket over. You can see where my difficulty is, i’m nowhere near the answer.

doh! there are 6 balls in an over, so 36 balls in 6 overs.

There does not seem to be much logic to a lot of these quizzes which are now appearing on numerous UK satellite channels. You might want to look here and and here where several people have tried to solve these puzzles , using all sorts of logic, and still haven’t come up with an answer. There are even muttering that the whole thing is a con.

damn. I was hoping there was an answer.

Well there are more than 52 cards in a deck if you include jokers and other cars… yet that still doesn’t get you anywhere near the answer.

Here’s my take, trying to account for trick questions where I can:

1 Stars on the American flag = 100 (50 on front + 50 on back)
2 Cards in a standard pack = ??? (what kind of cards?)
3 Months in 10 years = 120 (Julian calendar, another calendar could give us a few more or less)
4 Balls in six cricket overs = 36 (don’t know how thi could be “tricked up”)
5 Wheels on a standard car = ??? (back into this answer last)
6 Rings on the Olympic flag = 10 (5 on front + 5 on back)

This give a total of 266, leaving a difference of 6606. Is there any typre of card that would come in a pack of ~6600?

I saw something about counting all the roman numerals in the words also…

1 Stars on the American flag = 1 + M + I + C+ L + 50
2 Cards in a standard pack = 2 + C + D + I + D + D + C + 52
3 Months in 10 years = 3 + M + I + 10 + 120
4 Balls in six cricket overs = 4 + L + L + I + SIX + I + X + C + I + C + V + 36
5 Wheels on a standard car = 5 + L + D + D + C + 4
6 Rings on the Olympic flag = 6 + I + L + M + I + C + L + 5

I make that 6823. Perhaps you’ve misquoted the question?

looks like we’re making progress. I think I have the question stated correctly but have no way to be sure

Of course the reason these quizzes are so very difficult to solve is that they want as many people as possible to phone in, at anything from 50p to £1 a time. This is also the reason they sometimes run the same puzzle for hours at a stretch. Try and solve them if you wish, but don’t be conned into phoning in. There is a very small chance you will even be selected to give your answer on air. Treat it more like a lottery.

Actually, they usually make the 50p phone-in quizzes very very easy, so that they get thousands of people solving it. If they made it so hard that only one or two get it, they wouldn’t make any money.

But how many get through to the studio, give their answer and get a prize? There are two types of these phone-in quizzes. The very easy ones ( What’s the capital of France?) where thousands of people phone in at 50p a time , only one gets chosen for the prize and the rest get nothing. That is just like a lottery or lucky draw.

The other type is the one that seems simple to solve, but is very difficult , goes on for hours ,and usually doesn’t have a winner even though many people have phoned in and wasted their money. One guy on the Digital Spy board I linked to had spent over £100 in phone calls and had stilled failed to get through to the studio. There is a suspicion that the correct answers are filtered out by the “back-room” staff at the TV station and they just let the stupid answers be handled by the on-screen presenter.
This way more suckers will be encouraged to phone in and give what they think is the correct answer. Leave these “quizzes” alone and don’t wast your money.

What show was this, anyway?

Could they possibly be counting the stars on all the different versions of the U.S. flag since the beginning? I’m not sure there is a definitive list of all versions, and I still don’t think it would go to the thousands.

I say it’s a dirty trick.

If you are in the UK and have access to the Sky satellite system just scan through the channels . There are probably about a dozen channels running these type of “quizzes”. The bad news is that Channel 4 is planning one of these phone-in quiz channels for the future.They must think there are a lot of suckers around.

Counting the S’s as being [sup]1[/sup]/[sub]2[/sub] (semis), that brings the total to 6839. It doesn’t say what kind of cards, so you could be counting the cards of a standard tarot deck (78), making the total 6865.

How many grommets are on the Olympic flag? They could be counted as rings, too.

It was a satellite channel. No intention of going anywhere near the phone. The show screams scam, but i was still interested in how the ‘solution’ was reached