R.E.D. 2 - Open spoilers

My husband and I just saw this movie last night.

When they go to the safe deposit box in Paris and are rummaging through looking for information on Nightshade, there appears to be a vacuum-sealed severed hand in the stuff that they dump out of the box onto the table. No one ever mentions or seems to notice it, and it plays no role in the plot. WTF? Is this an inside joke that we’re not getting? Why is it there?

We enjoyed the movie. But I spent the entire second half waiting for that damn hand to be explained. :slight_smile:

I think it’s just a joke about the CIA and wetworks that they are so used to doing casually.

Also, I think that that scene where Mary Louise Parker is getting the key (???) from that guy is just about the hottest thing I’ve seen in 15 years.

Yeah, just a gag about how casual their carnage is that a hand in a safe deposit box is a non-event.