R.E.M. on Tour

I realize that they’ve pretty much dropped off the radar of most people in the US (but I hear they’re big in Germany!), but R.E.M. is on tour right now supporting their latest album, Around the Sun. Mr. Legend and I saw them in Berkeley at the Greek Theater last week, and I was reminded that no matter what you think of their newer material, this is a band that blows just about anyone else off the stage live. Has anyone else seen them this time around, or is anyone planning to do so?

I wasn’t no. I saw them the two times they came out here, but after 4 dud albums in a row I wasn’t going to bother this time.

I haven’t seen them, and I’m not sure if I will.
I actually like Up, haven’t heard Reveal, and hate Around the Sun. Maybe if they release a really good album and come around again.