You can see one ACTIVE rock act right now: which one?

You can choose from any group touring at the moment. Or any group touring this summer…

You can guess mine. Which band would you like to see?

Not quite rock, but Regina Spektor will be in the UK in August. I’ll probably get to see her, assuming I can get tickets.

The Who are touring again this year with a new album. Wouldn’t mind catching that.

Alice Cooper!

I got to see him twice last year but he’s no closer than Ridgefield Wash. this year and I don’t go into the States. Tonight he’s in Champaign Ill. and yes, I’m sitting here listening to his radio show right now.

(Did I mention that I’m also sort of a “Band Associate” with our kickass local tribute, Billion Dollar Baby$…you’ve gotta see 'em! )

For me, it’s The Dresden Dolls. Tickets went on for sale for their Sydney show this morning, I logged on at 10 AM (after faffing about trying to confirm friends) and they were already sold out. I’m gutted! I’ve been dying to see them for ages, and also missed out on tickets for their show here a couple of months ago.

Although I have a friend who has a friend in the booking company, and phone calls have been made. Fingers crossed!

I’d probably say Mesh. I saw them in Chicago back in 2001, but based on the extremely small crowd I think I’m out of luck when it comes to them returning, even if they do come back to North America.

We’re seeing Eric Clapton in October.

You can get an idea of what’s in store for free…the entire Hyde Park show from last weekend is available for at

I never pass up a chance to see Springsteen if I can help it.

Is he still alive?


But if the definition of ‘rock’ can be stretched to its extreme, then Pat Metheny Group.

I would love to see The Flaming Lips again, but tickets always sell out so fast around here.

…I’m seeing Madonna next week…

Just one? That’s not fair…I wished I had a chance to catch Sigur Ros when they were in town (or the money to see their one-off Iceland concert). Wouldn’t mind catching Radiohead or Flaming Lips (seems that you need an in with the ticket offices, given the speed with which they tend to sell out).

Same as a few previous posts I’ve gotta see Radiohead sometime soon.


Radiohead. Not even close.

I’ve seen Radiohead, so I’d have to go with The Flaming Lips, who for some strange reason I have never seen live.

I don’t think they’re touring this summer. I don’t care. I wanna see Blue Man Group.

I get to see The Flaming Lips for the first time at Lollapalooza in August. I can’t wait!