R.I.P. Don Rickles

Hey, you hockey pucks, Don Rickles has died.

I think my favourite bit was when he played an old Army buddy of Maxwell Smart on Get Smart. Agent 86 puts him on the phone with the President. When Rickles hangs up he says, ‘I didn’t vote for him. But I use his baby powder!’

A very, very funny guy. Who was well known for being extremely kind and caring off stage.

Awwwww, I liked him.

He was a nice guy!
My favorite non-standup comic moment was when he played Bald Eagle, Wild Eagle’s son on F Troop.


He’ll be missed.

Thanks for the chuckles “Mr. Warmth.”

Crapgame: Then make a DEAL!
Big Joe: What kind of deal?
Crapgame: A DEAL, deal! Maybe the guy’s a Republican. “Business is business,” right?

Anyone remember CPO Sharkey?

One of the few people to make fun of Sinatra to his face in front of a crowd and live to tell about it. RIP, Don.

He called me a hockey puck once.

RIP, Don. Ask Saint Peter “Who picks out your clothes, Stevie Wonder?”

I remember him on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson.

Quite a character. His comedy had a bite to it. But I always thought Don didn’t mean any harm.

90 is a good long life.


Johnny sure thought he was hilarious; I didn’t.

I thought he kind of an asshole.

As with so many others, I only remember it because of the time Carson interrupted the filming.

Really? Neat.
I love this clip of Johnny Carson, Don Rickles, and the hot tub. Hilarious.


My favorite:

"I said Dad, take me to the zoo.

He said, if the zoo want’s you they can come and get you.

I get no respect."

Like Jonathan Winters and Buddy Hackett, Just off-the-wall funny and if they chose to they could do their act without having to use the F-bombs to get people to laugh.


Indeed. “Make yourself at home, Frank. Hit somebody.”

A very very funny guy. I’ll miss him tremendously.

A clip of the infamous “cigarette box” incident :smiley:

OOps, I got it wrong. That was Dangerfield. Sorry. Still funny. Missed the edit window.

I’ve been listening to a lot of Gilbert Gottfried’s podcast lately and they speak of Rickles often; just yesterday I listened to his Bob Saget interview and they spoke of him at the Friars club. This morning, I listened to WTF. Maron was interviewing Jeff Ross, who was also a Friar and knew Rickles well.

I think I killed Rickles. More likely Marc Maron and Jeff Ross did, but still.

Never cared for his style. I understand it was all in good fun and so forth, but nope.

RIP nonetheless.


If I remember that episode correctly, Rickles also did a perfect Don Adams impression on the phone.

R.I.P., Mr. Potato Head.

Given his shtick, would it be appropriate to move this thread to The Pit?