R.I.P. Johnny Nash

Johnny Nash, the singer best known for I Can See Clearly Now, has died at the age of 80:

Nash was so associated with I Can See Clearly Now that it’s easy to forget he had other hit records. I particularly like Hold Me Tight.

Johnny Nash also sang the theme song for the cheesy Saturday-morning cartoon The Mighty Hercules.

I met him and got his signature on copy of “I Can See Clearly Now” at a record signing in Filenes. It must have been 1972, right after the song became a hit.

Its true, I only remember him for the one song, but I did recognize the name immediately. It was a great song.

To Avoid Confusion Department: In 2005, The Mighty Hercules was remastered and the Johnny Nash music was replaced. :angry: It is awful.

Anyone else hearing these lyrics in yer head?

Hercules, he is a big fat phony
Hercules: made of cheese and baloney
Fighting for his life with a rubber knife
With the strength of ten flimsy paper men
That’s the mighty Hercules! :laughing:

You might remember this song too. I heard this one way before I ever heard Marley’s original.

Stir It Up

I Can See Clearly Now is a great song. Part of the soundtrack of my life. Bellevue, NE ca. '72-'74. Guaranteed to be played at Skateland, maybe more than once if you stayed for the extra session, which we always did.

I do remember that but didn’t even associate it with him.

One thing I forgot to mention is that I Can See Clearly Now is probably the first reggae song that most Americans ever heard. Israelites by Desmond Dekker preceded it by a few years, but that didn’t get nearly the airplay that I Can See Clearly Now did.

Weird Mandela Effect thang going on here for me:

I was absolutely CERTAIN that he had died in the early 70’s (of cancer or a plane crash or such). It was a total shock to see the news of his demise last night.