RIP David Crosby

OMG. Another man done gone.

I saw him perform twice with Stills and Nash. He had talent. And he struggled to stay clean and sober, as I also did. He’s now forever sober.

Another icon of the 60s gone. His harmony knocked me out back then, particularly as part of CSN (&Y), and it still plays well today.

Wow, another one. His personality could really rub you the wrong way, but his music and voice were something special. RIP David Crosby, I’ve got my own warts too you know.

I thought I heard just yesterday that he was planning on a gig or two in Santa Barbara later this year. That’s somewhat ironic timing if so.

The last time I saw him (with S&N) was in Santa Barbara. They gave me as many goose bumps then as they did all through my youth. This death notice makes me very sad.

Possibly the last intact band from the 60s finally undone. And by one of its exemplars. The era is over.

Crosby was capable of great lyrics and great tunes. “In My Dreams” sums up the CSN experience better than any writing-about-ourselves song and it’s absolutely gorgeous.

The love of his life, Christine Hinton, died in a car crash in 1970, causing Crosby to go from a drug user to death by drug. How he survived the next couple of decades is a medical mystery.

Even though he lived, he’s still one of the biggest what-could-have-been’s in rock history.

If there’s a Rock & Roll heaven …


He was almost as durable as Keith Richards. RIP.

I liked him best as a Byrd (one of my favorite bands), but his voice was also incomparable in every combination of CSN&Y and solo. Who would have thought in the 70s (or the 80s) that he would live to 81? RIP.

It’s been a long time comin’
It’s goin’ to be a long time gone
But you know
The darkest hour
Is always, always just before the dawn

RIP, David.

It’s gonna keep happening I may as well get used to it, right?

Sigh. . . RIP, David and thanks.

Man, what a talent. By most accounts - including his own - he could be very difficult to be around at times.

I read his memoir, “Long Time Gone”, and found it pretty fascinating. About 50% I’m-the-greatest and 50% I’m-an-asshole.


I’m the greatest asshole.

And at 81, he’s the billboard for drugs aren’t all that bad.

My friend, the singer, posted this on Facebook:

I was sitting in my little house in Beverly Glen Canyon reading this man’s autobiography. A chill ran down my spine when I realized that his description of his first time shooting up heroin in a little house in Beverly Glen Canyon was referring to MY house - I had heard before my landlord had bought it that it was owned by some rich rockstar for many years. Turns out it was Crosby.

He was the father to Melissa Etheridge’s kids.

Story here. He was 81.

Jeez. He has a storied career and life, no doubt.

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