Is David Crosby still worth buying a ticket for?

Pretty much it. Has anybody seen him in concert in the past year or so, and was it worth the cost of the ticket? He’s coming to Portland next March.

I think it’s getting to the point where he’s no fun anymore.

(Sorry about that). I’d pay to see him.

I’d pay $20 to see him. No more than that though.

I heard he almost cut his hair, but he didn’t.

That would be funnier if that weren’t a Stephen Stills lyric.

Take a trip over to YouTube, you’ll find the answer you seek.

I wonder if his semen is still in demand.

Do you have a cite for that? For many decades I’ve been of the impression that Crosby wrote Almost Cut My Hair, and while my Google Fu has failed to turn up mention of the lyricist, there are many sites that list Crosby as the writer.

As far as Crosby as a performer is concerned, I’d pay to see him in a heartbeat. I believe that his liver transplant has pretty much permanently ended his drug use and left him thankful for the life and talent he still has, and that he has a son who’s a member of his touring band. All of these lead me to believe he’s become more serious and responsible as a musician and performer. I might do a little Googling just to make sure, but it would take quite a lot in the way of negative comments to persuade me to take a pass on a chance to see him perform live.

The reference was to Suite: Judy Blue Eyes.

Still, it weren’t nothing bad.


Well, that was quite the brain fart. I can see the reference easily now, don’t know why I couldn’t last night. My mistake. Thanks for the correction.

What got me is the irony that “Suite: Judy Blue Eyes” is an almost one-man song. Stills wrote it, arranged it, and played all the instruments (even drums according to some sources). The quoted line is sung by Stills alone, so Crosby didn’t even harmonize on it.

OK, OK, I take it back.


I saw CSN about a year ago. He can still sing and play the guitar. I would go to see him solo or with CSN.

Well, if you’re going to wuss out, I take my 7.9 back.

3.0, since Crosby never sang the fucking lyric!

I thought he was dead. Guess I’m thinking of Jerry Garcia…

I think he has been here before on another time around the wheel.

Do you mean “It’s getting to the point where I’m no fun anymore…”?

Sounds like the three of them at least.