Heard your favorite song live by original artist?

It took me 20 years but I heard I’m One by The Who in 1996. It’s not a hit so it took a while

When I saw Ke$ha in concert in 2011. Most of her songs are so excellent, I can’t really pick just one favorite. I’m seeing her again in June.

I have not heard my most favorite singer do my most favorite song from him yet.
God bless you and James always!!!
P.S. Then again, I did see him do it once during one of his Stage It website shows. Can that count?

I have lots of favorite songs by lots of different artists.

Most recently I had the great pleasure of seeing Mike Nesmith perform Crusin’ (Lucy and Ramona and Sunset Sam). Heck, he played a bunch of favorites, but Crusin’ was the most fun.

Same here. I’ve seen the vast majority of my favorite bands live and most have played the songs I really love. There are still a couple left that I need to see, though, and I’m keeping a close eye on tour dates.

Hmm…maybe I am misunderstanding the question, but don’t people go to live concerts anymore?

In my youth, I think I went to hundreds of live concerts and saw most of the big acts of the day…and even today, it seems like most big name singers make their money from going out on tour.

Granted, ticket prices are now pretty hefty, and I suppose you have to live fairly near a large metropolitan area to have the opportunity - but still, is it really all that rare to go see a favorite band/singer performer your favorite song(s) - assuming they are still alive?

If your favorite song is a single it’s not all that hard, but if it’s a deeper cut off a less well known album it can be much more difficult.

When they have 40 years worth of material to choose a setlist from, yes. And I haven’t seen hundreds of concerts, but I was privileged to (finally) see Rush perform ‘The Analog Kid’ live during the Clockwork Angels tour.

And while not quite the original artist, Roger Waters always has great female vocalists, and ‘The Great Gig in the Sky’ was bang on when I went to see him perform a few years back.

As I mentioned my song was not a hit so the Who did not play it in concert much until they played the whole Quadrophenia album on a tour in 96-97. They are now playing it again on tour.

I had really close seats at a small venue Neil Young concert. Really close. It was a quiet, no shouting kind of a deal, and at a quiet moment my buddy shouts “On The Beach!!” Neil glared right at him, and I thought he was a dead man! Time for the encore/final song of the night. Yup, On The Beach. That was awesome, and Neil didn’t kill my friend. (I have since wondered if Neil was upset because my friend had predicted the encore, or if it was the shouting…)

Tons of Beatles fans never saw them play anything live. Many of them were born after 1970.

Well, I saw Stevie Nicks in concert and she sang Rhiannon, but as it was originally a Fleetwood Mac song. I’m not sure if it counts.

The time I saw Crosby, Stills & Nash in concert they did NOT sing Suite: Judy Blue Eyes. I am still bitter.

The original artist of my favorite song died before I was born.

RIP Jim Croce :frowning:

No to Pink Floyd, and I really never had a chance because Roger was out by the time I got into them.

Other artists in my Top 10 or roundabouts that I have seen in concert but they haven’t done my favorite song:

– I haven’t seen Heart perform Sylvan Song/Dream of the Archer (at least, I imagine it would be a segue if they ever performed it.)
– Elvis Costello has not played …well, I’m not sure what my favorite is by him, but I haven’t heard him play it the twice I’ve seen him. Take your pick from Long Honeymoon, Tart, Sulky Girl, and Lip Service, any of which I’d rather see him play than the hits, which I must admit, he plays well in concert.

On the other hand, there are two bands that do often play many songs from my list of favorites: Dashboard Confessional, which plays many songs from Places that You’ve Come to Fear the Most, most of which are amongst my favorites. And Coheed and Cambria always plays my top two songs, also from their big breakthrough album, and has even played my favorite acoustic/light song off that same album once or twice (The Light and the Glass.)

A few years ago my wife and I were at a Richard Thompson show. I had seen him a couple times before in solo acoustic shows but this was the first time seeing him with the full band. I told my wife “I hope he plays Tear Stained Letter.” So after they opened the show with it, I turned to her and winked and said “OK, we can go now.”

When I saw OMD in concert, I was thrown for a loop a tad when they played Messages as their second song. Although they did play my second favorite song, Electricity, last. I was cheering as they were introducing it because I knew it just from the description.

I’ve never been one to have a favorite song per se, but I guess there were a few songs I’m particularly fond of.

Saw Pink Floyd do, *The Great Gig in the Sky *back during the Division Bell tour.

Saw Stevie Ray Vaughan do just about everything six months before he died. Was a huge SRV fan at the time.

I saw CSN do Suite: Judy Blue Eyes in Pittsburgh during Crosby’s, “I’m Coked Up, Armed, and Jumping Bail” tour. It was my first concert. The Band opened.

I saw the Little River Band once. They did not play, It’s a Long Way There, which is a shame, because I thought it would be a great jam on-stage.

I got to see him perform “Shoot Out the Lights” solo, which was fantastic (and a favorite song at the time).

At one point “Building A Mystery” by Sarah McLachlan was my favorite song. I was young and silly, give me a break. :wink:

I got to see her sing it in concert at a Lilith Fair near Kansas City. It was amazing.

It also led to this infamous comment from me: “I know I’m not a lesbian, but Sarah McLachlan is HOT!”

The three lesbians in the hotel room with me had a giggle fit. :slight_smile:

Similar story… my wife and I went to see the reformed Yardbirds (with McCarty and Dreja, and Jerry Donahue on lead guitar) a few years back. On the way there I said “I really want to hear them do ‘I’m Not Talking’.” Good thing we got there on time!