Heard your favorite song live by original artist?

Saw Mission UK in Seattle, and Craig Adams (former S of M member) joined them up on stage for a jam, and they played a couple of old S of M tunes…it appeared to be impromptu and unrehearsed. 1969, Marian, and a couple others. A damn fine night :slight_smile:

I woulda almost rather seen that than the SoM show I saw. Eldritch didn’t play either of those, but then again he did play some deep cuts from Floodlands. And also the four cuts I thought he was gonna play from Vision Thing (Vision Thing, Dr Jeep, More, and for some reason I knew he was gonna play Ribbons since he seemed inordinately self-proud of that just from his singing in the song itself.)

But at any rate, SoM doesn’t count for me for hearing my favorite song, since Marian and This Corrosion are tied and they played neither. With This Corrosion I can almost understand given his whole “I still like to do new arrangements of old songs” thing going on, and you couldn’t get the audience not to sing “gimme the ring” if he tried to.

Yes, and the circumstances broke my heart. New York, c. 1998, fave song by my fave band: The Church, You Took (link to a 2011 rendition of the same song), which they almost invariably do as an encore. Here I am anxiously watching the time, knowing that the last train back to Jersey will be departing soon (c. 1 am in the morning). 5 minutes before I would have to leave to ensure I make the train, I hear the opening bars and inwardly groan. :smack: Watch Marty-Wilson Piper shred like a madman for 5 minutes, then sadly slip out the side door. I now wish I had waited the 5 fucking hours for the 6 am train-goddamned blankety blanking transit authority…