Your all time favorite band?

And what’s your favorite song/album by them? Have you seen them in concert? Were they good? Would you see them again?

As my handle implies, I can listen to Lateralus by Tool (or anything by Tool) all damn day.

So, what’s your all-time favorite band any why?

And on a completely unrelated note, anyone who’s seen Tool in concert, how good are they? I’ve heard people say anywhere from “pretty good” to “out-of-body experience”. Seeing them Sunday night and wondering what I can expect :smiley:

My favorite band is the various incarnations of the Alan Parsons Project. Fantastic musicians, and Alan’s a legendary engineer (worked on Dark Side of the Moon for Pink Floyd). I don’t have a favorite song–I love too many of them.

I’ve seen them in concert 5 times (including meeting them backstage) and a nicer, more unpretentious bunch of guys you’re never likely to meet.

Other favorites are Rush and Savatage.

Goose Creek Symphony

Has been since the early 70’s. Even with a 20 yr hiatus to go fishing.

I can’t pick just one. I just can’t.

However, I can pick two.

The Beatles and Nirvana.

As for albums, The White Album and Nevermind (respectively). Just awesome stuff.

If you’d asked me eleven years ago, there would only have been one. :slight_smile:

My all time favorite band is Paul McCartney & Wings. Their album “Band on the Run” is the best album in history, and yes, I did see them in concert. It was a 3 1/2 hour show with no breaks. WOW!:cool:
Paul McCartney is another word for pure talent. The album McCartney 2 seems bland to some, but you have to realize that he did the entire album by himself, writing every lyric, singing every note, playing every instrument, and recording it all on a simple 16 track recorder in the basement of his house. Sheer talent!

seen tool in concert in san francisco. pretty damn cool show. i would recommend seeing them live, and i will certainly see them live again if they come near my cave in the middle of nowhere.

as for the orig question, dont think i can narrow it down to just one, but i really like rush and yes, and have seen them both live many times-- all great shows.

as for favorite songs, again- to tough to pick just one, but “starship trooper” (Yes) has to be right there at the top. that solo by Mr. Howe is just mindblowing.

Id have to say my favorites are Pantera, Ozzy, Metallica(the old stuff) and Zepplen (see my thread in MPSIMS)

I cant live without the hard and heavy stuff. No rap, no punk for me. I listen to some of the older alternative, Alice in chains, etc. (gotta love “down in a hole”)

I like Godsmack, (seen em in concert)and Stained (also in concert) but, they arent my favorites.
Its a close call between Pantera and Zepplen. I cant decide on just one.


First album is titled Queen which is probably my favorite but hard to pick, loved Innuendo(recorded near the end of Freddies life)very touching and sentimental…couple tear jerkers on that album.

In The Lap Of The Gods and Liar are two of my favorite songs, both from the self titled album.

Long Live Queen

There are so many freaking bands I am into, its hard to pick one, but I’d say Pantera is currently. I’ve got all their albums, have seen them 7 times, and even used to have their little known glam metal album. (Vinnie Paul in spandex is not a site to be missed.)



nuff said.

Favorite is the Bonzo Dog Band. Never saw them in concert, and have only seen a couple of video clips (including an appearance in “Magical Mystery Tour”), but they were amazing – a combination of music and comedy that no one has ever come close to. They were very big in Britain, but had no success in the U.S. Never saw them – they didn’t tour the states all that much. Best known songs by one of their ex-members in the U.S. are the various Monty Python songs written by Neil Innes. You can hear Viv Stanshall on “Tubular Bells” and “Legs” Larry Smith on Elton John’s “I Think I’m Gonna Kill Myself” (tap dancing). Favorite song: “Ali Baba’s Camel” and their definitive version of “Monster Mash.” Favorite album: “Tadpoles”

Second would be the Allman Brothers. I’ve seen them four times in concert – twice in the original line-up; once without Duane, and once without Duane and Berry. Favorite song: “Statesboro Blues.” Favorite album: “Live at the Filmore East.”

Over all…very good taste in music here. But I’ll pick a band that I feel is a bit underappreciated.
The Zombies

Holy smoke…are they still AROUND? I got their first album on vinyl! I used to LOVE that bastard! Now I’ve got to dig it out and listen to it again…haven’t heard it for years…“Welllllllllcome to Goose Creek, wontcha come…the boys’d like to inviiiiite everyone!”

My favorite? Oh, I’ll say The Charlatans. Nope, never heard 'em live. They were defunct by the late '60s. But they were the first band to define the “San Francisco Sound” (not to mention the look) that was later perfected by the Dead and the Airplane and Quicksilver.

Also fond of the Rising Sons, another early-to-mid-'60s band, this one more blues-based, and located in LA rather than Frisco. It included both Ry Cooder and Taj Mahal.

The Police - Saw 'em on the Syncronicity (sp?) tour with The Fixx opening. Sure, I was just 12, but it was incredible. To this day, I can put on any one of their albums and be happy.

[sub]Although, if it’s a song that Andy Summers wrote, I’m gonna have to skip past it. Played good guitar. Couldn’t write for shit.**

The Tragically Hip. From 1989-1995 they were, absolutely and without question, the best rock and roll band in the world, and in concert probably the best EVER.

Since then they’ve been good but not as good as they were then.

I love Collective Soul. They combine rock and roll with softer music. I love the song “Why”. I could listen to it all day.

My favorite band for the past 13 or so years has been Crowded House. They only had a couple of singles that did well in the U.S., but they went on to put out some exceptional albums and were much more recognized in Australia and the UK.

They broke up in 1996, but I’ve still got an unhealthy obsession with Neil Finn (singer/songwriter for CH) and his solo career. And before Crowded House, he was in Split Enz. I’m pretty preoccupied with them, too.

(italics mine)

I just had to point out that without punk, there’d be no Pantera. Yeah, sure, they’re mostly metal, but that punk sensibility and stripped-down sound (especially on Vulgar Display of Power) is what separates them from the likes of Slayer. Just a fairly minor nitpick.

I love Pantera too, but “Fucking Hostile” would never have existed without “God Save The Queen”.

Genesis - in the seventies line-up.

Best album (you know? album?) Selling England by the pound.
Best song: Mad man moon (from A trick of the tail).

Never seen them life - unfortunately.

I have a handful of favorite artists:

The Beatles (never seen them in concert, own a great deal of their stuff–haven’t listened to them much lately).

Better Than Ezra (listen to them all the time, seen them once in concert, they were great, I’d see them again).

Stabbing Westward (wonderful for my bad/melancholy moods, saw them in concert, pretty damn good).

Flogging Molly (Irish jig punk music. Nuff said).

Guster (a good combination of dark and light music).

Louis Armstrong (I love this man).