R. I. P. Michael White: Author ... and Thompson Twin?

I’m reading Acid Dreams and Tranquil Dreams by Michael White, a book about major scientific feuds in history. It’s very well written; he has a knack for making characters come alive and he plays fair with both sides. I wanted to see what else he’s done, and it turns out he’s written about 20 other science books, including a biography of Isaac Asimov I never knew existed. And that he was a member of the 80s pop band, the Thompson Twins.

Huh. That’s unusual. Again, I’m surprised I’ve never heard about this before. Usually when somebody who was on MTV has a second life this major it’s well known.

But the Wikipedia page on the Thompson Twins doesn’t mention his name at all. His personal bio page does, and he even wrote Thompson Twin: An ’80s Memoir. He and his girlfriend Jan - who is also not mentioned on Wiki - joined the band in 1982, right after he graduated King’s College.

And then in February, he died at the young age of 58. He had an interesting career and was still busily turning out a series of novels, so he could have had many more books in him, not to mention the pain of his wife and four children.

So does anyone know why he was written out of pop history? Or anything else about him?

I had no idea. But the mention of Thompson Twins made, Hold me now, immediately pop into my head.

I did not know that.Quicksilver I would normally scold for the ear worm, but under the circumstances I’ll allow it. I’m going to look up some of their other songs though.

I’m sorry to hear he passed. He sounds an interesting fellow. Was he at King’s College in Cambridge?

ETA: Never mind. I see it was London.

I found this online with absolutely no cite, so make of it what you will:

If it’s remotely accurate, he was hired for a tour, and had a very minor role in the bands overall history.

Thanks for finding that, Sunny. He sounds like one of the zillion people who have been a Beach Boy at some point. That’s not nothing : they only want first rate musicians - but it’s not much of a foundation for a whole book.